Cold Sun

“A dangerous ‘hibernation’ of the Sun has begun!” says author John Casey.  

“Cold Sun is simply a great work! It throws new light into the climatic patters of the Earth. John’s concepts will help people better understand nature and the full story of what is behind our climate changes.”

– Dr. Natarajan Venkatanathan, Professor of Physics, SATRA University, India

Cold Sun
Cold Sun

By John L. Casey

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“This is an Earth-shattering book! The Sun has surely entered the hibernation stage and we are going to  have challenging decades ahead”
– Dr. Dong Choi, Editor-in-Chief New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter

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“The air is filled with lectures and rumors that our Earth is getting warm. The author of Cold Sun, John Casey has found evidence to the contrary. His work is quite a revelation that marks a step toward a new scientific Civilization. This book adds a brillian page to the history of science!”

– Dr. Fumio Tsunoda, Professer Emeritus of Geology, National Saitama University, Japan

“In Cold Sun, author John L. Casey, a former White House national space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant, and space shuttle engineer tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the Sun.”
– Book jacket

“(Cold Sun) is a very useful book. It is written for the people and thus is not a scientific textbook. Its style corresponds very well to educated but nonscientific readers. It is therefore ideal for students in high schools, colleges, and universities; educators; economists; agro- and hydro-engineers; developers of energy strategies; politicians; businessmen; and any others who want to understand the fuller picture of climate change. It is especially recommended to journalists who are interested in working in the field of climate changes.”
– Dr. Boris Komitov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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    • Sure it is Kyle. You must remember though that the sun is just at it’s second peak in the solar cycle24 and will be making its decline to the solar minimum for the tail end of the cycle soon. So naturally there is going to be some sun spots detected to varying degrees for a while. In a few years though we should be seeing more days with out sunspots and sometimes with very weak sunspots. By 2020 the next cycle will start and it may be weaker than SSC24 and that will mean even less solar output which is what John Casey is talking about.
      If we get a string of these solar minimums like between 1300 AD and 1850AD then we have a real little ice age just like the last one and given where we are in the big ice age cycle we are at risk of a major glaciation. That will not be fun.

  1. ps robert that amazon link doesnt work , theres nothing to click on , under hardcover and the price theres an empty space.

  2. I like this comment that site:

    SC24 is now on track to be a lower cycle than SC5.

    Layman’s Sunspot Count critic Leif Svalgaard continues to compare SC24 with SC14, but so far SC24 is not looking anything like SC14. The extreme peaks and troughs are NOT occurring as he prescribes which is especially clear when comparing SC24 with the counting methods of earlier periods…Svalgaard uses the unscientific method of smoothing to compare cycles which hides the important detail. The LSC removes the post 1945 22% Waldmeier factor that Svalgaard accepts and also adjusts for the increased speck ratio we experience during grand minimum type cycles. This increased speck ratio also gives us the flawed Livingston and Penn results as they measure every small spot.


    Leif Svalgaard is such a pretentious pain…

  3. Fantastic book! I highly recommend! I hope the US gets on board with the coming cold…for all our sakes!

    have a look at the massive length of time in 09 the sun was spot free.
    nd while a few splats recently nothing at all like normal..and remember the polar flips now complete during and after we are not seeing much activity as could be expeted.

    • Beg to differ,
      The Sun’s northern hemisphere has flipped to neutral it hasn’t reversed yet, it is still generating the odd spot or spec and is working up to flip again.
      The Sun’s southern hemisphere has maxed to a same level as the northern but hasn’t reversed as its still has spots or lots of specks. This cycle could extend in neutral for some time.
      Checkout for much more detail.

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