Cold sweeps Southern Hemisphere – Huge crop losses – Video

Record cold across South America decimating crops. Hundreds of thousands lose power.

Early estimations of crop losses nearly 100% for fruit in Southern Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Where is the coverage on this in the main stream media?????????

It was -8C in areas where average temperatures for this time of year are 17C.

Thanks to Don Brown for this link

3 thoughts on “Cold sweeps Southern Hemisphere – Huge crop losses – Video”

  1. june july in my area isnt always wet but august sept usually are
    been cold frosty and dry mostly
    however we Have had recent decent rains
    and that was when i noticed
    the past rainfalls for this area, for june july are pretty much the same as now. large anomaly wet time when your elnino years give us the rains;-)
    meantime the same idiots/liars at Bom are trying to tell us the lower rains “unusual”
    well- no its not!
    i have to get on roof and clean gutters n bash nails down to be ready for aug /sept cos i bet it does get wetter.

  2. looks like we’ll be killing each other on the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice!!

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