Austria – Cold “threatening the very existence of farmers”

3 May 2016 – Enormous snow and frost damage

The affected farms will get help.

“We will not let the farmers down,” states the Federal Minister of Agriculture Andrä Rupprechter.

“The extreme weather of the last few days has led to damages threatening the very existence of farmers in certain regions,” said Rupprechter.  “Therefore the Federal Ministry of Finance will cover the incurred losses with the Natural Disaster Fund in coordination with the affected states.”

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  1. Below is a link to a historical chronology of weather events/climate. The beginning pages defines terms (like “corn” means any kind of grain). Then it lists many historical weather events & extremes for which there is a report in the chronology, ggiving the date.
    It covers many parts of the world a little, and many more records for US, China, Europe & Britain. For example if you look up the dates of Dalton minimum, you will get a firsthand report in those locations of exactly what happened. In the black bar a the top where it gives you the page number, you may simply delete it & put in the page you want & return.
    I gather that many witness-written chronologies exist, but this is my first experience of one & I found it fascinating.

    • Thanks for the link… looks to be a very interesting reference source!

      I was shocked to learn earlier this year… that they are no longer teaching cursive in our schools (USA that is, don’t know about other places). You cannot really do historic research without that skill… scary to think what that could mean over the long haul. Most of the people I work with are Millennials, none of them know cursive despite being “well educated”… all with Master’s degrees at least. How are you going to avoid the old “those who don’t learn form history will be cursed to relive it” problem, if you don’t know how to read in the language (or script) that the history was written in? Or if you never read anything more than 5 years old (my work has a journal club that we take turns selecting and facilitating a discussion of journal articles that are related to our work… but you are not allowed to pick anything more than 5 years old. Miss a good deal of great articles that way!)

  2. Oh yes, all weather anomalies are the result of global warming, even record breaking lows. Every body know this.

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