Cold wave headed for Northeast US

“Values lower than normal by more than 15 ° C!”

An unusual mass of very cold air coming from the Arctic is forecast to invade the US north east, says says

The following map shows the thermal anomalies on the ground for June 23 provided by the US computer center GFS. Notice very abnormal values for the period, with temperatures well below the norm of 10-15 ° C.

For the morning of June 24, the US model would provide, among other things some possible frosts for parts of  New York state.

Ondata di freddo in arrivo sul Nord Est statunitense, valori inferiori alla norma di oltre 15°C!

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    • It is hot usually this time of year. At least the night is cooler until July to September.

    • Same for western N Carolina. Current forecasts for the end of the work week (Thur and Fri dates mentioned) are even slightly ABOVE normal. Mid 80s.

    • In my opinion, Accuweather has ceased to be “accu” rate… they have totally hopped on the AGW agenda. We’ll just have to see what happens.

      Where I am (southeastern VA) it seems likely to happen; we had about 2 months of unseasonably cold weather (about 20 degrees F colder than normal), but then it was followed by about 2 weeks of normal weather which then felt hotter than Hades. Yesterday and now today, back down to a lot cooler. I’m enjoying it for now, but that may not continue to be the case. The real problem is, with an abnormal weather patter… the ability to predict anything goes out the window!

      • The reason is that they rely on GFS, which is a model with low skill. The European model does a much better job, and GFS always comes around to the EU prognosis, just a few days later. 6 days is a lifetime for GFS.

  1. I have lived in the Southwest, the Northwest and the Midwest, and I can tell you that temperatures in all those places are currently extraordinarily hot for the month of June. If this trend continues on into the “hot months” of July and August, people are going to be dropping like flies.

    Maybe it’s time to stop arguing over “global warming” and “global cooling” and face the fact that what we have is “global extremism”. Perhaps we need to look a bit further than before for ultimate causes. Maybe what we’re dealing with is more than cars and cow farts, more than the sun’s cyclical moodiness.

    What about the compass shifting, Earth wobbling on its axis, increased numbers of fireballs and lightning strikes? Do you ever get the feeling there’s something they’re not telling us?

  2. Yes, and the only thing they can talk about is the heat wave, and how hot it is in Phoenix, can you believe it? Phoenix? Hot? Impossible. This is a place where a lot of people wouldn’t consider living before the invention of air conditioning, which sort of made the city possible for most, that and the Colorado River, probably.

    However, hidden in this is the fact that even Phoenix Arizona, the hottest of the United States deserts next to Death Valley, Phoenix they say hasn’t hit 120 degrees for 20 years now. Maybe it hasn’t been as hot as they say after all.

    Plus, if past years are any guide, they might have limited time to complain before the monsoon kicks in and cools things down again, perhaps created by all the heat, and the hotter than average perhaps Gulf of California where there are thermal vents. Maybe more active than usual?

    It seems the monsoon has been reaching almost the Canadian border recently.

  3. When ever I look at these cold waves hitting this part of North America, it keeps reminding of the ice age maps – in that this is the part of the continent where the ice sheet spread furthest south.

  4. The only difference is that it is June and temps will be in the 60sc70s as opposed to February when it would be in the 10s or /”20s

  5. Yet accuweather doesn’t want to admit this but they want to elaborate on the the heat in the west

  6. And the normal high on June 23 is 85 and low 66 and we will in Philadelphia be at least 10 degrees below normal for a few days

  7. well once it hits NY..I BET it makes the news
    funny hearing em spin icy cold to the warming dunnit:-)

  8. While the democrats are trying to introduce a bill to make ‘climate denial’ a felony, the Reupblicans have introduces a counter bill to make ‘climate alarmism’ a felony. LMAO

    This country is so screwed

  9. The weather is going wild. In Montana we’ve had a couple of months of summer weather already. April was just about like June. But I’ve been warning folks for years that severe cooling/little ice age is coming, and most folks snorted over that. I heard Robert on Coast to Coast AM in the late 90s telling of it, and it rang true to me, and I still believe it’s coming. Fiddlin

  10. The polar vortex is now an equal opportunity polar vortex – striking without prejudice in summer as well as winter.

  11. I don’t know about this one, Robert.. They foerecast 28 degres C for the next three day in Québec

    But, realy, what do i know? We could get surprised..Oh the horror..

  12. Where I am in the pacific northwest June has been very cold and rainy. As of June 18 (pouring rain by the way) I’ve counted seven days in June that have had some heavy rain. We’ve had heavy rain through the night at least three times in June. And after every big rain we hear the same message: it wasn’t enough to affect the drought/water shortage. As if we need heavy rain every day in June or else there’s a problem.

  13. Quote:
    The following map shows the thermal anomalies on the ground for June 23 provided by the US computer centre GFS. Notice very abnormal values for the period, with temperatures well below the norm of 10-15 ° C.
    Once again false colour temperatures maps get both side of the AGW debate frothing at the mouth.
    Blue doesn’t mean 20 degrees of frost, snow and ice. It is simply slightly cooler by a few degrees than the previous norm for a Solar Warm Period, and called abnormal values for the period.
    This same technique is used by the AGW Web Site crowd to promote their support for AGW using the “Red For Danger Will Smith” and suggest by using Dark Red that instead of a 6C temporary rise at the Arctic circle in Summer temperature, it is close to Fahrenheit 410 and about to burst into flames.
    Once again US meridional weather systems strikes again, you have at least 30 years of harsh abnormal cold weather, before it starts to return to more normal weather experiences for the start of the next 140 year Solar Warm Period starting after 2056.

  14. Will be interesting to see if there is any truth to this cool weather forecast. I also noted Accuweather projections for places like NYC and Cincinnati for the coming week are for normal or above normal temps, high 80’s to 90 or so. I know it will be blazing hot for June where I live in SW Utah, about 113 or so in a couple of days, so the Warmists will have something to crow about this summer.

  15. The website reminds me of the UK newspaper that’s not well-known for being reliable because no one knows exactly where some of the graphics are coming from or if they are current. The GFS model website ( shows absolutely no such anomalies for June 23rd or periods any time near then. The 102- and 126-hour forecast (which puts it at the 0600 UTC forecast for June 23-24) shows, at best, temperatures near 40°F.

    Having said that, their link here:
    shows that still photos from various webcams with embedded date/time can, in fact, be verified. Some of the ski resorts in Austria and northern Italy are getting snowed on right now.

  16. I was totally happy when I first saw this what now I know to be a dud. I dislike the humidityhere in Hamilton Ontario but the weather forecasts for the rest of the month are all high 70 and 80’s plus.

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