Cold wave sweeps China – Temp plunges to -50C in Northern China

As heavy snow continues to hit wide areas of Europe, China embraces another round of cold.

In Inner-Mongolia, temperatures have plummeted to minus 40C or lower for weeks now. Temperatures of minus 44.9C have been measured.

Temperatures in Hulunbuir plummeted to minus 50.7 C last Friday.

The National Meteorological Center issued a blue alert on Monday, the lowest level in the country’s four-scale alert system.

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10 thoughts on “Cold wave sweeps China – Temp plunges to -50C in Northern China

  1. Has anybody got problems with accessing the first link//encworld ? I have noticed in the last 4 days that my computer gives a “click” sound and at the same time it displays a red star. However copy & pasting the link worked o.k.

    Re code blue alert being the lowest: We need to ask the Mongolian people how they survive at such very low temperatures, the link states that in the next coming days temps will plummet another 14 degr.C. ! Unbelievable/unimagenable and unwanted 🙁

  2. weeks of this? and its a low order alert?
    after they lost Millions of head of livestock last year in mongolia..I wonder if they built straw bale shelters this year? or if they actually managed enough crops to make hay for bales etc with anyway?

  3. I watch the temperatures in Oymyakon Russia, the so called cold pool. I have found that when the temperatures drop there, either China, Europe, or North America will turn cold, depending on which way the steering winds are blowing. Throw in some moisture and it will turn to snow.

    Right now Oymyakon temperares are in the -50’s, so this cold spell will last a while longer.

  4. And my ex (a full member of the AGW church) says that January was the warmest since records have been kept for the entire planet and, of course, this month is just a La Ninia cycle. It is my unwillingness to look at the “facts” that makes me say AGW is not the true faith. Guess why he’s my ex?

  5. So we are told that co2 warms by trapping heat so China pumps tonnes more co2 than any other country but it is -50 hmmmmmmm

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