Cold winter kills Chesapeake blue crabs

The Washington Post tried gloss over this cold-weather story with its headline: “Blue crab numbers climbed slightly this year from a near-catastrophic low.”

If you read only the headlines, you’d think, oh, this is good news. You’d never know that the ensuing article has anything to do with cold weather.

The article begins honestly: “For the second straight year, a harsh winter killed more than a quarter of adult blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay.”


So far so good.

However, the article then uses words like “encouraging news,” “positive sign,” “step in the right direction” and “an uptick in Chesapeake crabs.” Like its a good thing.

Finally, 12 paragraphs down, it gets to the real crux of the matter:  “Last year, 28 percent died over the winter. This year’s winter was worse, killing 29 percent.”

So much for unbiased reporting.


17 thoughts on “Cold winter kills Chesapeake blue crabs”

  1. 1% of extra deaths is well within natural climate fluctuations however less than 1Kelvin – which is also 1 degree C – over a hundred years or so and which represents 1/273 = 0.37 % is completely out of the ordinary, could not possibly be natural and we need to destroy modern society to fix it.

    (You can’t use Centigrade of Fahrenheit to calculate percentage increases in temperature as the scales include negative values – Kelvin is the only appropriate scale.)

    A temperature increase of less than 0.4% is proven un-natural reason for alarm ?

    Surely the crabs would appreciate a bit of warming anyway ?

  2. Turkey, April 29, 2015. Unable to receive news from 9 shepherds in Bezirgan plateau! Located in the side springs district of Van Çatak nine shepherds could not be reached to and 800 thousand small animals due to adverse weather conditions.
    In Çatak town of Aci the hamlet of Bezirgan plateau 9 shepherds and the accompanying thousand 800 sheep and lambs, showing the impact on the region of snow and storms in the spring causing the shepherds and animals to be stranded.

  3. Lies and deceit. Fewer and fewer people are willing to read past the introductory paragraph, and fewer and fewer people are smart enough to recognize truth. What bothers me is how lies will be defended and those who report the truth are castigated as being ___________ [choose your poison: bigoted, paid shills of fossil fuel industry, members of the Koch Bros conspiracy, racists, sexists, etc.]

  4. Another canary in the coal mine, and we all know what happens after the canary dies, get out, or you will be next.
    IS this another canary, worth looking at very carefully I think.

    • There is a subtle difference from being in a coal mine from which you can get of and is man wrought and a natural cooling process over many tens of years. The former is a choice you can make in seconds and execute in minutes. The latter is a long term choice to adapt, move, or put up with consequences.
      The problem for the Warmists is the Canary has stopped singing and is wobbling around its cage, but they are giving the people entirely the wrong choices, they are inviting the people to go deeper into the mine, into danger, and what’s worse telling them to give up their power tools, take a pay cut and do it quicker, regardless of how many will die in the process.
      The big fat controllers have always been so!

    • We’ve seen an entire flock of “dead canaries” over the last few years. If you are young, or responsible for young children, and are not already in an (at least) semi-tropical location where you can raise or obtain much of your own food locally, the logical takeaway is: Move now and avoid the panic and restrictions that will occur when the currently clueless begin to figure it out.

  5. so 57% total in 2 seasons dead..
    a precarious 43% left as adults- sort of/ maybe?
    and what spawn might have hatched and then survived?
    chances for them would be slim if its killing adults wouldnt it?

  6. So 57% loss over 2 years is a good thing! Snow isn’t the only thing that will be relegated to the past, we can add blue crabs to the list of things kids will grow up not seeing because of all this dadgum cold caused by global warming…

  7. Goodness is it me or are the BBC doing the same thing, as their reporting follows a similar pattern and not only on the topic of weather.

    • When the crops fail and the rationing begins the media will turn on its master like a wolf biting the hand that feeds it.
      That’s the real tipping point. Nothing hardens the heart like privation and misery .
      The warmists are setting us up for an historic failure, I wouldn’t want to be counted amongst them.
      The Cuban election (%97) of scientists who led us to catastrophe will be the first to go because the warmists will blame them.

    • The BBC are following a propaganda line supporting the UK establishment view that Human produced CO2 is to blame for the Warm Period to date.
      The UK establishment having discovered a taxation wheeze, to legally steal more money from the working population, will not give it up lightly. You have to remember the AGW fraud started in the East Anglia University 30 to 40 years ago which supposedly educates a significant number of the UK soft science Ologists. The UK is leading the AGW propaganda front looking forward to Paris to maintain its taxation base, on transport carbon fuels, on aviation via passenger surcharges, on energy production via levies on bills. The UK working poor is the most taxed population in the world, car fuel including VAT is priced at £1.19 per L. 80% of that is Tax, levied as petrol tax with 20% VAT loaded on top of that at the point of sale.
      It’s more of a pity the UK government didn’t rationalize income tax and national insurance tax into one tax like the Dutch did in the mid nineties instead of trying to hide how much tax is stolen from a persons pay packet. Because of the 22% tax on jobs called NI, 450,000 well paid jobs have been exported to Asia over the last 20 years.

  8. It was darn cold here for about 3 weeks (I live near the James River, just up the river from Chesapeake Bay and in these parts they have oyster beds too) this winter. But also I remember in the past few years there had been some major weird black, brown or wine colored algae thing going on… any chance that was the cause of the crab deaths?

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