Colder in Texas today than in Seattle

Hard freeze. Eight degrees below freezing. In Texas!

11 Nov 2018 – The mercury plunged to 28F (-2.2C) in Fort Worth, Texas, this morning, and climbed to a high – a HIGH – of only 42F (5.6C).

It was even colder in Amarillo, Texas, where today’s high topped out at only 30F (-1.1C)…. And it was snowing.

The forecast low tonight in Amarillo is 23F (-5C), but it will feel like 12F (-11.1C).

Meanwhile, the temperature is Seattle today rose to a balmy 55F (12.8C) and is forecast to drop to 38F (3.3C) overnight.

So much for global warming.

(I obtained these numbers from my mobile phone.)

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  1. It’s literally snowing in Mexico. In November. That’s the equivalent of Morocco possibly. I’m certain somewhere they are also blathering on about global warming.

  2. That part of the border is actually a good deal south of even the Arizona, New Mexico border too. Not speaking from personal experience, however, with the river right there, I’d think the hilly terrain might not be too high in elevation, and even if some of it is, it’s probably hundreds of miles south of even the Arizona border! In early November! It really does drive me personally crazy they continue to talk about warming in such conditions! That’s why I post here.

  3. -Moscow has the coldest days of November – (Meteonovosti-RU)

    In Moscow, the efforts of the anticyclone established clear frosty weather. The anticyclone is filled with the cold arctic mass, and its distribution over the territory of the capital region caused a noticeable drop in temperature. As a result, yesterday night, November 12, became the coldest for the entire current November.
    At night, under a clear sky, the air in the capital was frozen to -7.3°C, in the region (in Cherustiy) and to -13°C. In the afternoon, despite the abundance of the sun, it warmed only to -2.1°C.
    As a result, the average daily temperature in Moscow was -5.0°C, which is 4-5 degrees colder than that of the calendar.
    Such temperature indicators are characteristic for December 9, and not for the middle of November. And I want to note that the last time this year was so cold in Moscow was at the end of March.

    Moscow turned into the “Arctic desert”

    The morning of November 12 was the coldest since the beginning of the season. At the ENEA meteorological station, the temperature dropped to -7.3°C, in the region – to -13°C! At the same time, a very high one was recorded — close to the record — atmospheric pressure: 770.2 mm Hg. st.

    There is another interesting feature of the current weather – a big difference between the actual and effective temperature. In this case, the effective temperature is much lower than the actual. Due to the difference of 7 degrees, we feel the weather as very cold.
    Effective temperature is the temperature that a seasoned person feels with regard to wind and humidity according to the season.
    It is important to note that this difference is associated with another atypical feature – a very low relative humidity of air.
    Arctic air is very dry, relative humidity does not exceed 40–50%. Such conditions are more characteristic of the Arctic desert.
    The comparison with the Arctic desert is not accidental – the weather is determined by a powerful and extensive Arctic anticyclone.
    ‘It’s nothing surprising, but it can be said that in Moscow a cold wave came a month early.’
    Dry…cold arctic air could means drier and colder weather?
    I think more surprises will come, maybe more clouds due to increased cosmic rays.’

  4. Their current forecast for the winter continues to be warmer than average. They will pr9bably day that it was warmer than average. It drives me stark raving insane. This despite the earliest snow ever in Houston, and snow across the Rio Grande last night the MSM won’t mention.

  5. Now they are saying snow in Houston is normal, and continue to ignore snow in the Big Bend of Mexico in November. It’s a record no matter what they say to brush it off, it’s colder than the late 70s.

  6. Seattle rarely gets cold weather. It’s mostly mild and fairly wet during the winter months. Northern Texas around the panhandle can get some cold spells with some snow in winter.

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