Colder than normal in Peru

18 Feb 2018 – Senamhi warns of low temperatures in the mountains of Puno and Arequipa.

The values are expected to reach -8 ° C in areas above 4,000 meters above sea level (masl), while -5 ° C in areas above 3800 masl.

José Luis Ticona, in charge of the Senamhi, indicated that these temperatures are due to the entry of a cold mass from the Pacific Ocean, causing it to be colder than normal

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3 thoughts on “Colder than normal in Peru”

  1. Colder than ‘”Normal”.

    Hmm……”normal”. How about the fact that the Earth being WARM is abnormal and cold is Normal? That is the reality of Earth’s Climate/Weather. Has been for a while?

    The Earth is returning to normal. The abnormal “warm” is finally ending since for the last eons it has been warmer than normal.

  2. When moving into a new cooler weather/climate regime it is very likely that the high altitude areas will cool first.
    So keep a weather eye on those peaks as the snowline starts to creep down.

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