Coldest in 117 years in Germany

Minus 30.5 degrees C (-22.9F)

According to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach, minus 30.5 degrees were measured on the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak, on Tuesday night.

“At minus 30.5 degrees it was as cold there on the night of Tuesday as never before in a third decade of February since 1901 – ie 117 years! Under minus 30 degrees on the extreme for the end of February is really an extreme you can see very clearly what a massive cold air intrusion it is currently “, so meteorologist Dominik Jung from weatherportal .

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8 thoughts on “Coldest in 117 years in Germany”

  1. I find it encouraging that the German meteorologist referred to actual History, a subject all too many Alarmists seem to regard with a willful ignorance.

    I have heard Alarmists say that “pre-satellite records” cannot be relied upon, and therefore records must start from 1979. Of course there is earlier satellite data, but Alarmists ignore that data, choosing to begin their history at the height of a cold cycle.

    There seems to be an idea that if you “control history” you can control the minds of the general public. However that idea ignores a simple fact: Weather does not obey propaganda. For that matter, neither does genuine History. Truth is what it is, and those who try to alter Truth are doomed to face a day when their “version” of History is exposed as incorrect.

    That day has come, for those who prophesied that snow and cold were “a thing of the past” for Europe, a decade ago.

  2. Doesn’t look like it has gotten any warmer in Germany since 1901.
    That is now wishful thinking these days and the people of Europe will be begging for warmth in decades ahead……

  3. Nice article but please fix the title. Unless I flunked sentence construction, I don’t think the “a” needs to be in there. TY

  4. So that temperature, minus 30.5 celsius on the Zugspitse is the lowest…….for the third week of February…..since 1901.
    The cause of all this is a High Pressure over Scandinavia dragging east winds across Europe from Siberia.
    Not much Global Warming there then?

    Severe weather has been on the cards all winter as I pointed out in a Western Mail letter over a month ago.

    It has been dubbed “The beast from the East ” by UK tabloids.
    Well a LOW Pressure system is crossing the Atlantic on Thursday, carrying a GREAT DEAL of moisture.
    It should be dubbed “THE PEST FROM THE WEST”, because when it MEETS THE “BEAST FROM THE EAST”, there will be HUGE amounts of snow over the UK……….then on into Netherlands and Germany later.
    Scandinavian High meeting Atlantic Low over the UK……..CLASSIC HEAVY SNOW SCENARIO ……..with the wind behind the snow……….BAD BLIZZARDS ! Is not an inch of rain equal to 10 inches of snow? Well this Low is coming in from the moisture laden low latitudes towards the UK ,so the amount of snow could be enormous ! BE WARNED !!

  5. When I went up the Zugspitze in the late 80s in July it had 4 inches of fresh snow from the day before and it was freezing that morning. Quite an experience with ice on the cables of the cable car.

  6. I lived and worked on the ‘Spitze in the early ’90s. It was that cold then, it was minus 25 in Garmisch sometimes at 4am

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