Coldest April temperature in Brazilian city in 46 years

Since at least 1971.

28 Apr 2017 – With the mercury plunging to -5.2ºC, São Joaquim registered the strongest freeze in the month of April in the last 46 years.

On the grass, the thermometers reached an impressive -11.4 ° C (Climaterra station, -4.1 ° C shelter, also a record). (Not exactly sure what they mean by “on the grass.”)

The vast majority of cities in the state of Santa Catarina (southern Brazil) recorded the lowest April temperature in many decades, in some cases the coldest April temperature on record.

Thanks to Lucas Pimenta for this link

1 thought on “Coldest April temperature in Brazilian city in 46 years”

  1. People takes measurements from soil temperature for agricultural control purposes all around the country in Brazil . “On the grass” probably means that pastures were at -11.4 ° C.

    Note: the April, 28th broke the records of low temperatures in many places in Brazil even at some tropical zones. Also the month of April ends with 4 consecutive days of negative temperature in the southernmost region. In 2016 there were recorded about 80 days of negative temperatures in Brazil. If present trends continues 2017 will probably reach a higher number.

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