Coldest ‘cold snap’ to ever hit northern Saudi Arabia

Record cold, and they call it a “cold snap.”

“Cold wave grips northern Saudi Arabia, meteorologists fear strongest cold snap ever,” reads the headline.

The cold wave started a few days ago and is forecast to go on for two weeks further, weather expert Muad Al-Ahmadi told Al Arabiya.

“The first wave started last Tuesday [January 21], and its climax was on Wednesday and Thursday, and that ended on Friday, while the second wave, which is the strongest and hardest, began Saturday, and would continue till midweek,” he said, urging people to take precaution and safety measures.

Furthermore, Al-Ahmadi noted. this will be the strongest cold snap ever.

Am I missing something here, or does “strongest cold snap ever” mean the coldest  on record?
Thanks to Guy Wilson for this link

“Still cannot adjust to the term snap!” says Guy. “Kinda like waiting on the crackle and pop….”

7 thoughts on “Coldest ‘cold snap’ to ever hit northern Saudi Arabia”

  1. It’s a severe arctic outbreak. If this happens in Saudi Arabia, this is a sign of the approaching ice age.

  2. Perhaps a certain young climate activist who will go unnamed here could be malnourished? Have malnourishment? Hangry?

  3. More evidence of the power of meridonial jet stream activity, pushing very cold air down from Russian Polar Regions down with a high water vapour content over the Saudi Arabia high ground. the up side of this is the recharge of artesian water tables from this unexpected source of water.

  4. reckon quite a few thing there WILL be doing crackle n pops as well as they freeze up;-) all thos nifty glassed in towers etc..are they IN that zone btw?
    have to admit i hope they are the rich should suffer with the poor.
    guess theyre not short of oil n gas to heat with though?

  5. Imagine Greta Thunberg leading protest marches against fossil fuels and gender inequality in Saudi Arabia, with world wide media coverage! Go for it, Greta!

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