Coldest or near coldest May for 100 years in East Britain, says astrophysicist

“Spring put in reverse.”

“The coldest or near coldest May for 100 years in Central and East parts with a record run of bitter Northerly winds,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn of “Snow at times especially on high ground in NE / East.”

“We are making this headline from our 45-day ahead Britain & Ireland forecast public because of its importance,” says Piers.

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14 thoughts on “Coldest or near coldest May for 100 years in East Britain, says astrophysicist”

    • it might, however the BIG problem with the ice ages isnt just cold, its the fact it can still be damn dry and cold.
      Australia had an ice age and glaciers too, though less of them…but it still didnt get wet..just cold.

  1. I have this weird feeling that winter’s coming back in the pacific northwest cascades, sierras and rockies next month…but maybe it’s just because I want to ski a little more.

  2. A challenging forecast. I hope he is right, from my sceptical viewpoint, although here in the south east our last two severe winters (‘mild’ if you listen to the BBC) killed both my palms which had survived the winters for the preceding 18 years.

    I would rather have a warming climate than one which is cooling.

    I recall that Piers Corbyn forecast similar weather for spring last year which didn’t materialize.

  3. Here in Ireland we have had a very persistent chill this month with daytime temperatures averaging about 2C below normal. It’s quite likely that this trend will continue into May.

  4. I think Piers is at his best making extreme weather forecasts, so I’m inclined to trust him on this one.

    His forecast for April for England said drought in SE England to continue (rainfall at 15 – 20% of normal). We’ve been getting plenty of rain the past week, so I’d be surprised if he claimed a win on that one.

    We’ll see how it pans out. My hunch is he may be right…..

  5. Just look at what happened this summer in the Southern Hemisphere. I believe we are in for a lot of wacky weather in the Northern Hemisphere. They claim that there is a drought in California. But the past week counties in Central California had crops completely wiped out by a storm. I honestly believe that we are in the starting stages of a Ice Age.

  6. It’s fair to say that it does look as if I’m hedging my bets here however, although I say that the recent weather patterns may be just a blip in the warming period I am beginning to think otherwise.

    Obviously AGW activists would have you believe that everything from extreme heat to extreme cold as well as every other weather event in between is a result of human induced global warming (re branded ‘Climate Change’. I am of the opinion that these natural yet at times dramatic temperature swings are sign that things are changing and unfortunately its turning colder.

    It is going to take several more seasonal cycles to prove this but here in Scotland last year April was exceptionally warm and everyone thought summer had arrived early then it was all downhill.

    Temperatures dropped and although they recovered slightly summer was relatively dry it was nothing to write home about. It was mainly cool and overcast. When it did rain it poured yet the main theme was dull and cool and it looks as if it’s going to be the same this year.

    Record breaking temperatures in March. Now it’s either on the average for the time of year or below it due to the northerly winds. So what’s going on?

    A natural cycle. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • A natural cycle? Sorry but all the severe storms around the world point to Global Cooling. Severe thunderstorms and hail are caused by a COLD Front colliding with a warm front. Ergo, there has to be a LOT of COLD air in the atmosphere to produce so many wicked storms. But the weather is not just the problem we are facing. As I have said for many years; “The Earth is cracking like a hard-boiled egg dropped on the floor. Seismologists recently got on that bandwagon and stated that the Earth is fracturing like and egg. Also of concern is all the volcanoes of the world erupting. The count for 2012 is now at 50! And it’s only April. All that sulphur and reflective ash in the atmosphere is reflecting sunlight back into space and adding to Global Cooling. Don’t even get me started on all the mysterious animal. fowl and fish die-offs or the massive sinkholes opening around the globe. We are witnessing extraordinary events and they are only going to get worse. As I predicted; “2012….The year of CATACLYSM.”

      • I do agree. I talk to friends and they thinks it’s to much info. Everything is so obvious, but people refuse to see. We will see soon.

  7. I was born in 1943. Since I can remember, since the early 50’s, every year has had wacky weather – cold warm, wet dry whatever. Crazy tornadoes in Michigan growing up hiding in the basement during storm warnings. In 1953 we had devastating tornadoes in MI. but also in Worcester Mass an F5 tornado lifted stuff from Worcester and dropped it in Boston 50 miles away: March snowstorms near Philly shut down power for a week where I lived north of Philly. Every year has wacky weather since the beginning if time!!!

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