Coldest in Brazil since 1971

First 10 days of December, far below normal in much of southern Brazil.

The High Mountains (Serra da Catarinense) had the coldest dawn, Inmet de São Joaquim-SC (1955/2018) since 1971 and the fourth coldest of the whole series (on record?), and we saw on the national news that the cold was “normal!!!”

Apart from the standardized stations that registered values between 0…-3 ° C in December! Lamentable!

First 10 days of December, far below normal in much of southern Brazil. It was the colder beginning of December in many years, in São Joaquim the coldest in more than 20 years.

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8 thoughts on “Coldest in Brazil since 1971”

  1. Those people who said the cold was normal are lunatics! Just as they are in Poland with that climate change garbage summit!
    They are more than disgusting. They are an example of the greatest filth and super inflated lying trash that ever existed in the human gene pool. Such human garbage is an extreme embarrassment to the entire history of man kind. We were smarter as a species living in caves – knowing how important it was to survive the elements to stay alive.
    But in the modern era you can’t fix stupid! People rather lie to themselves about everything today until they die suddenly and horribly. Congratulations! They will get what they deserve!!

    • I disagree, the world temperature fluctuates between cold below zero over most of the temperate continental masses 24/7/365 for 140K years at a time.
      For a brief 12,000 years on four occasions over the last 800K years that temperature rises to 2 – 6C above OC over most of the temperate continental landmasses, which the exception of the polar regions above 75 degree Lat. and including the two massive Ice Caps close or on each Pole.
      On this basis the norm is 90% of the time, I can’t get a consensus of 97% as I haven’t got a biased Human Induced CC sceptical, trade publication to issue a convenient survey from.

    • See station n°: 87585 -Buenos Aires:
      http ://
      2/Dec: 11…22°C (Min…Máx)
      3/Dec: 9…21°C
      7/Dec: 13…22°C
      8/Dec: 11…23°C
      Maybe it’s no so cold, but low for the December, I think.
      I would like that you begin to observe how much the maximum temp reaches in these days of cold (anomalous), due to the increase of clouds they not exceed 19..20°C.

  2. Hello bill

    I live on Brazil.I have heard Buenos Aires have low temperatures below of normal ,but not sure about.

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