Coldest June 11 in central England in more than 141 years

Since 1878 ! During the reign of Queen Victoria, 23 years before her death.


11 June 2019 – “Coldest day in central England for over 141 years,” reads the headline on

“Provisionally the 11th of June 2019 was the coldest day for that particular date since the series started in 1878. The provisional mean maximum of 11.7°C was over 6.6°C below the 1961-1990 LTA.”

“It was that cold!”

“The mean temperature of 10.5°C was only ninth lowest, but then the daily mean series started much earlier in 1772, the reason why it ranked higher was that although the daytime maximum was only 11.7°C the night time minimum was very close to average at 9.2°C.”

“This one was missed by your website,” says reader Jack Hydrazine. “The closest was this article you posted back on 15 JUN 2019.”

1 thought on “Coldest June 11 in central England in more than 141 years”

  1. and all memory and attention shifted from it by the few warmish days.
    I heard tonight in passing the radio some drivel about it being the hottest ever again…..
    curious hot a few hot days seems to manage to skew records of MANY below acg cold days in the year??/
    bloody magic,
    of the darker sinister side!

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