Coldest March 17 – EVER – in the Netherlands

Breaks previous record set more than 100 years ago.

17 Mar 2018 – In De Bilt it was even the coldest March 17 ever. Weeronline reported a high of 0.0 degrees. The previous record for the date in De Bilt was 1.2 degrees C set in 1909.

Thanks to Rudy Meiner for this link

6 thoughts on “Coldest March 17 – EVER – in the Netherlands”

  1. In 2 days the sun will pass the equator and our whole northern hemisphere is still cold as hell . The grand solar minimum is only beginning .What will happen in the first coming years ?

  2. This is like a Ken Dodd joke….

    ” Temperatures 18 degrees F below average, and snow in mid March ? How about that for Catastrphic Anthropogenic Global Warming ; aye, Professor Hawking ? “

  3. 1909 midway thought the 1890 to 1945 Gleissberg period of low output solar cycles. SC14 – SC17. These low output solar cycles immediately follow the Dalton GSM cycle SC11 to SC13.
    1909 was on the decline to solar minimum about 2 years before the end of the cycle, a period of very reduced EUV, and Meridional Jet Stream activity. Given that sudden stratospheric warming tends to happen towards that latter part of the European Winters, it is highly likely that a major Blocking high was in position over Scandinavia.
    What is also interesting is that in 1903 the UK experienced a similar harsh winter with Ice skating on the Fens and similar icing events on the Thames.
    1962/63 was another event, and as Sudden_stratospheric_warming can occur during early Summer, with the blocking high sinking further south, the very hot UK Summer of 1976 is another example.
    I have yet to see evidence that this event takes place during Solar Max as the Summer event was on the decline of SC20, three year before Solar Minimum.

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