Coldest March since 1962 in parts of Sweden

On March 1st, the temperature in the village of Särna, Dalarna, dropped to -37.1C, the coldest ever recorded there. 
It wasn’t just Särna that saw extreme cold. Tärnaby, near the Lapland ski resort of Hemavan, also recorded one of its coldest March months ever.

“Excluding what’s still to come, March this year is likely to  be the fifth coldest ever observed after 1962, 1940, 1958 and 1947,” said Marcus Sjöstedt, a meteorologist for Sweden’s SMHI.

In other parts of Sweden, this was the coldest March since 1962, reports SMHI.
The deepest snow level was the 166cm at Kittelfjäll in the mountains of southern Lapland.

Outside Sweden’s mountain region, the deepest snow was seen in Gåltjärn i Ångermanland, with 159cm recorded.

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    Engelberg in Switzerland, which has reported the deepest base in the world for much of winter 17-18, somewhere above 6m/20 feet, reported 145cm (just under five feet) of snowfall in the past 7 days, again the biggest total for the Alps this week, and now reports its upper slope base at 7.4m – nearly 25 feet.

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