Coldest Olympics in history?

7 Feb 2018 – It must have pained the Washington Post to run that headline, but there it was yesterday morning.

And let’s face it, when cold weather becomes a main topic at the Winter Olympics, it’s safe to say that global warming will not be the primary focus. Instead, brutal cold and high winds have been affecting both the media and the athletes.

How cold is it? On Saturday, during a dry run for the ceremonies, security scanning machines stopped working because of the cold, and credit card readers froze up.

The high on Tuesday reached 11F (-11.7C), while the low dropped into minus 0F (-18C) territory.

This morning, thermometers at the Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang registered -3F (-16C).

The good news is, that after what organizers are referring to as a lengthy “cold snap,” temperatures are supposed to rise to perhaps as high as 40F (4.4C) on Friday.

However, worries that wind-chill temperatures at the Olympic Stadium where the opening ceremony will be held could hover around 7F (-13.9C).

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