Coldest Orthodox Christmas in Russia in 120 years

The mecury plunged to minus 30C overnight in Moscow, and minus 24C in St Petersburg.

Meanwhile, parts of southern Italy were reportedly buried beneath a meter (more than 3 ft) of snow and in Rome the fountains in St Peter’s Square froze.

In Thessaloniki, Greece, temperatures fell to minus 7C. In Athens they dropped to 0C, while several Greek islands, including Lesbos, experienced heavy snowfall.

In Sarajevo, in Bosnia, temperatures dipped to minus 27C, and in the Swiss village of La Brevine, they fell to minus 29.9C; the coldest temperature in Europe so far this winter.

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt, Stephen Bird and Argiris Diamantis for these links

2 thoughts on “Coldest Orthodox Christmas in Russia in 120 years”

  1. I have been forecasting this for WEEKS ! Since it has been EXTREMELY cold in Siberia, the severe weather was bound to spread westwards to Moscow and further west in Europe.
    There has been a High Pressure over eastern Europe, drawing in Siberian air.
    It could reach the UK before long !!

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