Coldest September 16th ever measured in De Bilt

De Bilt is the seat of the headquarters of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, KNMI.

This was in Dutch, but Pauline van Houten translated for us:
Zaterdag was de koudste 16 september ooit gemeten. In De Bilt werd het slechts 12,9 graden. Hiermee werd het oude record van 13,4 graden op 16 september 1972 verbroken, meldt Weeronline.


Saturday was the coldest 16th of September ever measured. In De Bilt it was only 12.9 degrees. This broke the old record of 13.4 degrees on September 16, 1972.

Thanks to Pauline van Houten and Job Koolmoes for these links

5 thoughts on “Coldest September 16th ever measured in De Bilt”

  1. and 72 onwards was the iceage coming times, i remember thm well as a teen..all the hype re dont have kids no food no fiel earth resources all gone by the late 80s and all the rest.
    same story they use now for warming..lot of the same offenders also still on the gravy train

  2. They should use the UK Met Office trick of quickly declaring an older record re-evaluated. In our case it was reducing an earlier warmer record to be able to claim that this year’s August Bank Holiday Monday was the warmest evah! So KNMI just need to make an older day colder.

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