Coldest snowstorm in Montreal in a century

According to YUL Weather Records, the last time Montreal experienced a similar snowstorm took place on January 16th, 1920, when 30.2 cm (just over a foot) of snow fell, and the daytime high – the high, mind you – reached only -19.4 (-2.9F).

Meteorologists and historians believe that this weekend’s snowfall could have been the coldest snowstorm in Montreal in a century.

On Sunday, temperatures dropped below -15 degrees (5 F) and snowfall was expected to exceed 25 cm (almost a foot).

Winter storm rages in Canada

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links

“Help me understand this,” says Martin. “Every year we see news of strong snowfall..and each year they return. Should not these blizzards stop or reduce with AGW or Climate Change?”

6 thoughts on “Coldest snowstorm in Montreal in a century”

  1. In the mean-time an Aljazeera TV channel-caption claims that Western Australia experiences temperatures 10 degrees C above “normal”. Whatever is meant by “normal”. And for what period. Is this “abnormal” temperature an all-time record or just a peak amid background noise?

  2. so much for snow being a thing of the past in Montreal and so much for freezing temps being a thing of the past in Montreal!
    I’m not seeing any palm trees in Montreal!

  3. Thank goodness for Global Warming….Just imagine how cold it would be if we humans had not been warming the planet !!!!!

    I’m going to drive a few extra miles this evening, on the way home from work, so I can help warm things up a bit.

  4. The brief warm up of the 80’s and 90’s is proof that mankind gets complacent during warm periods. Here it is 20 -30 years later and mankind is still complacent to the dangers of a cooling planet.

  5. I live in Ottawa and well remember the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s for being tons of snow and very cold. Starting around ’83’ it warmed substantially until 2015-16. It is now getting colder with more snow over longer spans of days and weeks.
    We went from 10-12 ft of snow per annum down to 6-7 ft. Also from -30 to -20’s being common. The changes are accelerating.

  6. Man’s attempt to engineer Earth’s climate and life support systems is the most destructive and deadly endeavor ever launched by the military industrial complex and global governments. Geoengineering must be considered weather and biological warfare due to the endless list of catastrophic downstream impacts and effects. Climate intervention programs are mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we collectively face short of nuclear cataclysm. For over 7 decades covert climate engineering / solar radiation management (SRM) programs have been insidiously expanding and accelerating in skies around the world. The catastrophic consequences of global geoengineering operations are now manifesting at an unimaginably exponential rate. The ongoing climate intervention SRM aerosol spraying assault is blatantly visible in the skies above us, yet, the majority of global populations have so far, unfortunately, chosen to blindly accept the official denial of these programs.

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