Coldest temperature ever recorded in Greenland

Greenland just set a new all-time record low temperature. Not only for January 2, not only for the entire month of January, not only at Summit Station, but for anywhere across the island, and for any month of the year.

Summit Camp, also known as Summit Station, is a year-round research station on the apex of the Greenland Ice Sheet. It is located some 10,500 ft (3,200 m) above sea level, and it’s data is often cited by climate alarmists claiming “Greenland Is Melting Away Before Our Very Eyes” and other such nonsense…

Adding to the list of temperature measurements those alarmists will likely ignore -or won’t even get to hear about given the mainstream media’s warm-bias- is Summit Camp’s preliminary low of -86.8F (-66C) set at 11:13 PM on January 02, 2020.

The reading, once confirmed by the DMI, will enter the books as Greenland’s coldest-ever recorded temperature-not only at Summit Camp, and not only in January, but of anywhere across the island, and of any month of the year.


Thanks to tomOmason and Benjamin Napier for this link

“So while they all ‘save the planet’ …,” says tom.

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  1. That’s more evidence of Global Cooling!
    Also the reason why it’s not cold right now in the Eastern US because of a deep trough in Greenland thru Alaska. (known as the +NAO)
    So that locks up most of the cold air in high latitudes and a strong zonal index (Pacific jet) dominates the lower 48 states right now with pronounced ridging in the eastern US.
    That pattern switch can happen after a cold November for awhile, such as in 2014/15.

  2. Yeah, thanks for that . I have seen on GFS models that it was really cold above Greenland. Probably directly a conséquence of sun very low activity. Such a cold air will fall on us during the next decade.

  3. -66C. Man that’s cold. A few years ago I encountered -5C while on a fishing trip and my teeth are still rattling from that, I could not even imagine -66C.

  4. my. God.
    if a tambora – krakatoa thing happened tomorow,
    400 megatons or so explosion, hundreds of cubic miles
    of dirt in the sky… how cold greenland would be ?
    i think cold enough for co2 to freeze.

    • update : i think co2 freezes at about -78,5 degres C
      …not realy that far from that -66C mark
      ( – 89 C once been recorded in antartica )

      • We can’t actually be sure of the coldest temperature ever because the battery powering the temperature monitor froze up so the best we have is -89C. Who knows how much lower it went.

    • The first T6 erruption has already taken place off Tonga in one of the deepest parts of the ring of fire. The erruption was contained with the massive colum of water. The only trace a massive amount of pumice noticed by a woman on board an airliner.

  5. -66C is cold.

    Robert is it getting marginally warmer in, in shorter summer months? If so wouldn’t this be down too the effects of the present day Milankovitch Cycle: Critical information, which needs to be incorporated into the computing of Climate Change scenarios.

    There are of course many additional climate and climate related facts beeing omitted in the methodology of today’s unrealistic and bias Climate Change predictions.

    Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.
    Marcus Aurelius

    • The majority, if not all of the climate models are set up to gain funding for further research, they are not set up as an accurate speedo for the Earth’s Climate. These are Tax-grabbing money-making machines meant to provide a taxation base for western Governments finances wrecked by financial engineering which has gone wrong since 1995.

      Every one of the so called brilliant models are designed to run several degrees too hot to provide the alarmism required to get human turkeys to vote for a AGW Climate Christmas.

      Every one of them is managed by degree-educated managers who have had to sign in blood that CO2 and AGW are the only game in town. If you want to point the finger as to who is at fault look at how the entire Academic Industry has been politically consumed by Green Socialism. The entire scam is about transferring power from the many to the tiny minority of the chosen few.

  6. According to UK media, Greenland is melting fast !! Why is this story not reported?
    May I suggest that EVERYONE PLEASE sends this story to the PRESS, BBC, ITV and SKY NEWS?

    Let’s have some BALANCE ! The UK media is forever publicising global WARMING news!

  7. I keep hearing about the warmer than normal temps on the eastern US seaboard but nothing about this. It’s almost as if the news folks are biased and only want to push things that fit their agenda/narrative. No, it can’t be!! Surely not….

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