Coldest temperature ever recorded in Tasmania

Not just for the date and not just for the particular location, but the coldest for any date on record, and for the entire country.

Liawenee, in Tasmania’s Central Highlands and already one of the coldest places in Australia, has just broken its own record.

Temperatures dropped to -14.2C (6.4F) yesterday morning, a new record low for the state and even colder than Antarctica .

Michael Lasko from the Bureau of Meteorology said the Liawenee temperature was 2C colder than the town’s previous record low of -12.2C, set back in 2013.

“It looks like that -14.2 is the coldest minimum for all of Tasmania,” Mr Lasko said.

The previous record for Tasmania was -13C at Tarraleah and Butlers Gorge back in 1983.

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6 thoughts on “Coldest temperature ever recorded in Tasmania”

  1. A quick check of Antarctica shows -50C
    Someone needs new batteries in their calculator, or a new spectacle prescription.

  2. most of the sth sth/east of aus also damned chilly. friday was9.2c
    with a sth east wind bitingly cold.
    now we all want the promised rains, east coast and inland a bit has had some -far west ,sw is still waiting.

  3. Tasmania is the smallest Australian state, just like Rhode Island in that way. It is not a country and the low temp recorded this week is by no means the coldest ever for Australia.

  4. A record is a record I guess, but the new weather site at Liawenee is only 20 years old, and no other place in Tasmania recorded a new temperature low.

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