Coldest temps since 1800s in Eastern Half of U.S.

At Cape Girardeau, Missouri, this morning, the temperature dropped to a record -19F (-28C), breaking the old record of -18 F set in January 1977.

This breaks the record, not just for the date, but for all time.

Old Man Winter will be unrelenting across the Midwest and Northeast this week as yet another blast of arctic air spreads deep into the South and off the Atlantic coast, says meteorologist Briam Lada.

Record lows will be challenged from Chicago to New York City. Records may also fall across parts of the South.

Some southern cities forecast to dip into the teens – or even lower – include Birmingham, Alabama; Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Nashville and Atlanta.

In Florida, temperatures will dip down to the lower 30s in cities such as Orlando, Melbourne and Daytona Beach.

In the mid-Atlantic, some daily record lows set during the late-1800s will be challenged.

3 thoughts on “Coldest temps since 1800s in Eastern Half of U.S.”

  1. Clearly this is just more evidence for global warming. I mean c’mon, how can you not see it. All this cold must surely be caused by that nasty CO2 and it’s devastating greenhouse effect. Since, as you know, cooling is warming, slavery is freedom, and war is peace. Welcome to 1984.

  2. I have no trouble believing this. I often compare temperatures where I live to that seen where my son and one of my brothers live. For comparison, as of about 11:15PM I saw:

    * Smithfield VA temp was 13 degrees F, with low of -1 degrees F expected (not including wind chill)

    * Concord NH temp was 10 degrees F, with a low of 0 degrees F expected overnight (also not including wind chill)

    The big difference is up in NH they know how to manage snow on the roads, but here in VA they assume somehow the snow is going to “melt” just because the sun came out… and do nothing to any roads other than the freeways and primary roads.

    So… I continue to be snowed in.

  3. you know, right about now; it would be great if world govts hadnt spent trillions to fight global warming(and pay for some hookers along the way) and instead had 100s more coal plants and 1,000s of acres of grains available for food rather than alternative fuels.

    if this keeps increasing every winter, people without resources like siberia will result in canbalism.

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