Coldest winter in 100 years?

Here’s Paul Hudson, weather presenter and climate correspondent for BBC, debunking that claim:

“The headline in the Express is one of over twenty in the newspaper in recent times, all claiming severe or extreme conditions were about to befall us … most of which turned out to be wrong or exaggerated,” says Hudson.

Hudson includes photos of many of those headlines.

Here’s the latest Express article he is talking about.

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17 thoughts on “Coldest winter in 100 years?”

  1. If I knew how, I would buy “futures” in French wines.

    This coming mini-Ice-Age is going to drive up the prices of all French Wines. I can see 50-75% of all French vineyards dying..

    If I could buy their “future” production for today’s prices, I would.

    It will be fun to see the Rothschild Family put Mouton Rothschild up for sale since the ground is so frozen nothing will grow. !!!

    • might be easier n smarter to buy into Aussie wine shares
      we arent limited to tiny areas of production
      all states have vineyards and if ones down the others usually smooth any losses over

    • They will just shift more production of “French wine” to Morocco. A lot of it is already grown in Morocco and then bottled and labeled with French labels.

  2. I follow David King’s long term predictions on — a free site producing a high rate in accuracy.
    I advise anyone who lives north of Birmingham in the UK to take note and prepare for Jan-March.
    The bbc,with their multi million pound computer are unable to predict beyond 2 days and often alter predictions on TODAY’S weather more than once

  3. Sadly — or thank goodness depending on your viewpoint — you really can’t rely on what the Express says either about weather or health matters. The paper loves to scare us or thrill us and their headline writer is brilliant at doing both. But, well, we shall see. It’s pretty well impossible to tell what the British weather will do even 24 hours in advance, changes all the time.

  4. in Holland the winter of 1963 was the coldest of the recent 100 years , probably the same in the UK . Only one barber in Holland made the right prediction and he forgot to make a bet . Which comes first Brexit or a cold winter ? What are the odds ? Which bets are made by the insiders ?

    • In the UK, the AGW BBC recently referred to the 62/63 winter, which started at the end of November 62 with a 4 week frost period as the worst in 200 years. 1947 was far snowier, but less cold than 63.
      As this this solar cycle progresses to cycle minimum before the start of SC25, the probability for the Western Europe having a harsh winter increases rapidly, as does the probability of a sequence of harsh winters during SC25 as the Grand Solar Minimum progresses. One of the proofs of this will be when Lake Constance freezes over to allow a man to walk from Germany to Switzerland, cut a Christmas tree and drag it back.
      The BBC will not dare to put at risk their policy that CO2 is the source of Human Induced warming and the Carbon Credit policy which underpins the green Taxation penalties on the working poor which can’t afford them.

      I would suggest even money for a harsh winter in the next three years, and again even money that there will be a series of them over the next eight years.

  5. “Weather sells newspapers they said; admitting that each and every time they had a front page story on extreme weather, their circulation went up by around 10%. ”
    And so it is with the Global Warming Alarmists. The sheeple cannot access and evaluate. The best talking head or headline is what they believe.

  6. Quote:
    The headline in the Express came courtesy of little known ‘Exacta Weather’, a tiny private weather company, which bases its forecasts on, amongst other things, variations in solar output.
    The BBC is one of the most strident AGW propagandist which claims everlasting warming, their editorial policy is that the IPCC Human Induced “Climate Change” is gospel fact, and then, because of the “Convention” on “Climate Change” from a biased Op Ed survey supported by 68 Green Socialist Climate Ologists which contrived to give the 97% of “all” worldwide scientists. Every sceptic is denied an opposing piece, on the very service which is paid for by the licence TAX paid for by all UK consumers of TV, Radio and Internet regardless of source.
    Paul would do well the research the climate effects of Grand Solar Minimums on the world’s climate and the cyclic effects of the Sun Energy output. Instead of burying his head in the IPCC sand that TSI varies only 1%
    Paul Simons is another ex BBC weather presenter now blogging on the Times via Weather Eye, his articles are equally a strident AGW propagandist, supporting the Paris Agreement and the imposition of one world government by a corrupt UN.
    UN Sustainability is a plan to manage the decline on the masses share of GDP, reserving the best for the UN commissionaires, at the expense of the rest of human kind. It is an extinction policy, and not a policy for expansion of the GDP for the Third World, and ending the barbarism faced by half of the worlds population, only though GDP growth in activity can everyone be brought up to the same mean level.

  7. The Paul Hudson article is 5 years old, so pretty much old news. The Express and other tabloids continue to put up these ridiculous stories of impending snowmaggddon around this time of year. As Mr Hudson says, it boosts circulation. You would think by now that everyone understands this is just a repeating pattern to increase sales and fill column inches on slow news days. Anyone making predictions about what is going to happen with UK weather in 3 months time is very foolish. Even the Met Office with their new super computer does not make such long term predictions. They have learnt a long time ago not to do this as it usually ends up with egg on their face. Mr Madden it seems isn’t bothered by accuracy, just that his weather website gets a mention in the Express. If this feels like Groundhog Day? It is.

  8. Some English papers would have us believe that the ‘Lorna Doone’ winter of 1683/84 or the devastating winter of 1739/40 which caused great hunger in Ireland was about to happen. Most unlikely given current sea temperatures.

  9. Coldest winter in 100 years? A bit premature seeing that winter is yet to commence in the northern hemisphere. Here in South Africa it snowed during the week. Not only in the Drakens Bergen but also around Beaufort West in the Karroo. Snow was reported in the latter area some years ago but that was in winter. November is rather late.

  10. Don’t buy into those damned despicable headlines or news papers at any time, anywhere! Or any of these weather headlines about “coldest winter ever” or “super volcano to erupt any time….etc…etc.”
    You can find headlines all the time like that, even with political trash stories, trying to make you see it so that you buy it!
    Don’t even look in the direction of magazines or news papers – and ignore such stories when you catch them online. It’s just about money.
    Nobody can even predict what tomorrow will bring!!
    I believe it when I see it.

  11. It is probable that some time within the next 3-5 European winters there will be at least one very cold winter, maybe more. The big thing is that as the sun cycle declines and a general cooling ensues, the growing season will be getting shorter. That will, in all probability, overstress the economic and social structures of Europe. The current foolishness of making electricity power more expensive just moves such dangerous times forward, as expensive power robs the poorer faster than the rich, antagonizing the situation.

    We are living in interesting times.

  12. The “mantra’ is “man-made global warming.” The facts suggest that the mantra IS correct. No, don’t go off the deep end yet. It IS “man-made global warming” because it has been the temperature record adjustments that have CREATED the global warming we keep reading about. Todays temperatures are always “among the 3 hottest years ever,” yet the OLD records of temperature would disagree. But the adjusted records which cooled the past are clearly created by men, and show warming. Coldest winter in a 100 years? Why not? Of course somehow it will still end up being “in one of the hottest 3 years ever.”

    • I suppose creating a fraudulent instrument to deceive, and deprive tax payers of fair value of the tax £ or $ invested in science for the benefit of all citizens, instead of a grasping bunch of Ologists whose heat engine science is on a par with Astrology is a Human induced activity, unlike cyclical climate change.

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