Coldest winter for two decades in Canary Islands (Spain)

The winter that ended last week has been one of the coldest in the past two decades, without doubt.

There were almost three periods of snow during the season, the most intense at the beginning of January. But the arrival of Spring was when the most snow fell, although only in Tenerife and La Palma.

“El invierno que acabó la semana pasada ha sido uno de los más fríos de las últimas dos décadas, sin embargo, apenas cayeron tres nevadas durante la estación, la más intensa a principios de enero. Pero, ha sido con la llegada de la primavera cuando se ha registrado la mayor nevada aunque sólo en Tenerife y La Palma.”

Unfortunately, the powers that be will probably figure out how to change this to the warmest winter on record in the Canary Islands.

See picture of Mount Telde, Tenerife, covered completely in snow:

Thanks to Hans Schrueder for this link

“So much for global warming then!” says Hans.

6 thoughts on “Coldest winter for two decades in Canary Islands (Spain)”

  1. As the solar minimum progresses Mount Telde might just start to retain a snow pack throughout the summer, particularly during the solar decline of SC25 in some 15 years from now.
    As weather system move further south into North Africa I wouldn’t be surprised to see increasing Snow Fall, at altitude, in the Atlas Range of mountains. Expect another 12 more severe winters on the trot.

        • I wouldn’t wish that on any body. However, such a tidal wave can be the result of the US electorate deciding to extend a fore finger to the biased Media and clear out the tossers from both parties wrecking the US political scene at the moment. Good governance, sound economics, and a solid political policy to defend human rights against religious theocracies from both home, and abroad, would lay down a solid marker for the future.

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