Colorado cattle death toll skyrockets after rare spring blizzard

The death toll from this past weekend’s blizzard in southeastern Colorado has now risen into the thousands, according to CBS Local in Denver.

Seven-foot-high (2 meter) snow drifts buried cows and pummeled wheat crops near the Kansas and Oklahoma borders, costing farmers millions of dollars.

It is now estimated that as many as 10,000 cattle were killed in the is being called a “rare spring storm,” which dumped 30 inches of snow in some areas.

The damage from this storm is being compared to that from the blizzard of 2007, considered one of the worst snowstorms in Colorado history.

This past weekend, a huge snowstorm also devastated  the western Kansas wheat crop.

Staggering Losses Being Recorded For Farmers, Ranchers After Blizzard

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5 thoughts on “Colorado cattle death toll skyrockets after rare spring blizzard”

  1. really sad news;-(
    I guess a lot of the deaths were new calves and some heavily pregnant cows..

    i also got a newsletter that once again the dzud cold dry drought +snows has killed cattle in mongolia.

  2. Is this the year the cooling finally starts having been delayed by the big El Nino? After the warmth earlier in the year, in the south of the UK it is back to earth with a bump and distinctly cool.

  3. Don’t the farmers put them into the barns when there’s say snowstorm ??? I mean it was predicted for a week !

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