Is Colorado snow a thing of the past?

“The past three Colorado ski seasons have hit all-time highs, ” says the Denver Post

“The ski areas are making more money than ever as evidenced by record-setting revenue-based annual rent payments to their Forest Service landlords. The sheer number of visitors is growing, reaching a record 13 million in 2015-16.”

Perhaps warnings ski industry’s death (due to global warming) was a tad premature. vest/

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  1. Question: If snow has been nominally plentiful over the last three years in the Rockies, then why is Lake Meade so low?

      • Water Abstraction, to feed California’s Green Political Anarchists, and crop irrigation, the Sunshine state’s nickname is well named; the founders parked themselves into a permanent atmospheric drought area. The state grew on the basis of a coastal economy at the resource expense from the hinterland.

    • Lake Mead and Lake Powell are low because there are two giant straws sucking water to Las Vegas and southern California.

  2. Brrrrrr! Melbourne shivers in ‘classic Antarctic blast’
    Wednesday Jul 13, 2016: A bitter cold that brought winds, hail and snow to Victoria is set to continue for the state but destructive winds will dissipate.
    The Bureau of Meteorology predicts today will have the worst of the weather, with temperatures close to zero expected across Victoria and strong winds and thunderstorms hitting coastal areas.
    The cold air mass is a “classic Antarctic blast” that originated near the coast of Antarctica during the week, the Bureau said.
    The State Emergency Service received more than 1000 calls following winds up to 100km/h that uprooted trees and caused widespread damage to property and roads.
    SES duty officer Andrew Murton told the ABC the gusty conditions had played havoc across the state.
    “Our volunteers have been kept fairly busy throughout the day,” he said.
    “Some of our busiest units have been Frankston, Hastings and the bayside suburbs of Melbourne.”
    Snow also fell in Victoria’s northwest, with towns like Ballarat and Trentham hit by temperatures below 2 degrees.
    The cold temperatures will make Melbourne shiver today.
    “Wind chill is expected to be extreme through Melbourne. It will feel like zero through most of the day,” senior meteorologist Adam Morgan said.
    The SES is warning drivers to look out for black ice and drive to the conditions. The cold front is set to head east tonight, with conditions easing.
    Meanwhile, residents in some parts of New South Wales have been warned to expect wild weather as a cold front moves over the state.
    The Bureau has warned of damaging winds for parts of the south and southeast and possible blizzards for alpine areas. Wind gusts could reach over 90km/h in the morning but the weather is expected to ease in the afternoon.
    Temperatures are expected to plummet, bringing snow to the central ranges and possibly Orange.

    Reader’s comment: Whenever there is a wildfire or a heat wave in Australia, that is always front page news on the Dutch MSM. That is supposed to proove global warming. The fact that Australia is a desert country and that heat is normal, is not mentioned. And now parts of Australia are shivering in a classic Antarctic blast, the MSM keep silent about it.

  3. Quote:
    Perhaps warnings ski industry’s death (due to global warming) was a tad premature.
    A tad premature is a polite ways of saying our Green Anarchist AGW propaganda is a load of Porkie-Pies, whats worse we have been found out with our hand in the Government Grant Climate Tax Slush Fund.

  4. It’s 4:15 AM in Central CA. I was restless & got up more than an hour ago. There have been many earth tremors since. Can’t find anything on Earthquake watch, etc. Never felt so many tremors before; hope it’s nothing.

  5. Not unlike the Scottish ski industry that was supposed to have ended by now not had some of their best and longest seasons.

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