‘Colossus is awakening’

The Sierra Negra volcano on the Galapagos island of Isabela is spewing fountains of lava and plumes of ash.

At least 250 people have been evacuated from the vicinity of the volcano after two strong earthquakes opened up fissures in the 1,124m-high (3688ft) volcano.

“The colossus is awakening,” Environment Minister Tarsicio Hail said, announcing that Ecuador’s authorities are closely watching  seismic and geological activity in the area.

The volcano has the largest caldera of all of the Galapagos volcanoes, measuring seven by nine km (4.2 by 5.4 miles). The last time it erupted was in 2005.



Thanks to Sonya Porter and Laurel for these links

“And Little Krakatoa is muttering also,” says Laurel. “Combined volcanic emissions adds to cooling. Looking grim futurewise.”


7 thoughts on “‘Colossus is awakening’”

  1. Got that right it adds to cooling – plus all the sulfur dioxide from the Hawaii volcano as well. This will not be good!

  2. Forget the climate. Think about the fact that TWO major volcanoes driven by separate mantle plumes are erupting. Things may be happening way down deep in the outer core or mantle. Any special news from Yellowstone, recent abrupt changes in magentic fields?

  3. Id be interested to see them trying to evacuate the monitor lizards if that island has any
    if it does and they arent smart/well hidden or willing to swim a bit…might be an evolutionary event.
    and you can bet it will be twisted to make co2 the reason

  4. Good thing the US has a President and administration who believe in “produce, produce, produce” for all forms of energy. We’re going to need it.

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