Combat climate change through vegan diets

You’re going to love this video.

Is this what the protesters really want?

Thanks to Laurel for this video

Whatever you eat,
it’s going to come from a farmer
unless lab meat’s your thing,” says Laurel.

27 thoughts on “Combat climate change through vegan diets”

  1. The really funny thing is the hippies I knew from the 60’s and 70’s all insisted on organic natural food stuffs and completely rejected anything artificial even to the point of rejecting fertilizer.

    Today’s equivalent seem to think natural means chemical concoctions ?

    Go figure ?

    • yeah the whatever burgers shot themselves in the foot with most possible consumers by raving up how good GMO and roundup treated/soaked soy is..
      totally missed the markets ideology of Clean and Green by miles;-)))
      had a taste of a UK version today(no gmo version)
      nothing like meat no taste and as tender as shoe leather
      one bite was plenty, even drowned in tomato sauce it was awful
      purchased because if your going to critique it you should try it..and they were unsellable and going out at 1.25 for two;-)
      and worth less than that except for the experience;-)
      3 of 6 dogs ate them, the others gave me a dirty look and walked away;-))) lol

      • My family and I went out to dinner last night.

        We all ordered Sirloin…..awesome…….Nothing like it.

        You will get my beef when you pry my cold dead hands of the cold dead steer.

        • Great job McDick! I locked horns with Dr. David Motorcycle during a public question period at a UofA seminar where he was promoting the boycotting of South Africa just after I’d returned from backpacking around S.A. for two months way back in 1977. This grinch is also a eugenics globalist puppet fast zombie shill. He didn’t much like getting publicly called out for being the way back charlatan equivalent poster child Canadian Grumpy Grinch. Like Quick Dick McDick and Tony Heller, I once “Pulled back the curtain on at least one junk scientist and the propaganda a long time ago.” The long-term big picture puzzle pieces of the GSM/ice age/eugenics agenda is finally becoming discernible.

          Cheers from a way different Robert – Winston Smith

      • Did you read where the Impossible Burger has something like 6 million times more estrogen than a meat-based burger, enough to cause male gynecomastia?

        You *ate* that? Ewww… stock up on brassieres. LOL

        They don’t call the fat no-shaving overly-feminized snowflakes ‘soyboys’ for no reason.

    • Guess what? I WAS married to a vegan for 25 long years. I was and I am not a vegetarian. She predicted that I will die with meat coming thru my nose.
      Guess again. 15 years later she had a quadruple bypass. I am not happy that she had to go thru all this, but my heart is Ok and the steak is good!

  2. Quick Dick McDick used to be the driller on the rig we used to directionally drill into the base of offshore volcanoes and then pump massive amounts of sea water and cement into them to cap ’em. ‘Course it’d often start bubblin’ up again right quick beside from where it was comin’ out before so we’d jus back up and sidetrack and keep on drillin’ and cap’n ’till we ran out of cement or seawater or cash whatever come first. Offshore drillin’ ain’t cheap and those meat eaters would rather kill the planet before puttin’ up the funds so we can keep drillin’ to save the planet . Now it looks like volcanoes are startin’ to pop up all over the place offshore and onshore right in line with CO2 levels risin’. Heck CO2 is up from one part in three thousand to one part in twent-five hundred already and the whole world ain’t likin’ that too good. ‘Course you like that cuz you’re on the farm now “Canola Boy McDick”, you know I’m just jokin’ Quick. Wish ‘ol ‘Red’ Adair wuz still around, he’d be able figure a way to help Greta and us margarine munchin’n packin’ drillers to save the planet.

    Quick Dick if you’re readn’ this we need ya to leave the farm and come back to work drillin’ and cap’n again… they alway said us farm boys make the best rig hands. Quick, can ya still remember when we used to grease both the bearings and the roughnecks with canola margarine? (that’s an inside joke;). Looks like AOC, Nancy, Bernie and the Dems is gonna maybe come to the rescue to free up the cash we need to git back to work, cross yer fingers. Quick, old buddy, our job ain’t finished, Greta needs us, the world needs us. Winston

    • hi Ian
      excellent and funny
      and theyre pretty good harmonics as well
      brought me back to
      “the secret life of plants”
      good book if you can get a copy btw
      lotta stuff in it got ridiculed but now is being found out to be correct

  3. Saskatchewan, eh? My friends Bill and Judy retired and moved to Tuscon. Larry and Kathy retired and moved to Lake Havasu City. Tim and Caitlin are planning to retire soon and move to Hawaii; Alan and his wife retiring soon and moving to the Philippines. Our Ice Age Now host, Robert, and his wife moved to Texas. Everyone heading to where it is already very warm. I have never heard of anyone in the US retiring and moving to Saskatoon or Moose Jaw. With all of the forecast warming making things intolerable, I wonder why not? These high school dropout climate protesters may know; they know everything.

    • Out in the country up here we got touques, and firewood, liquid and gas hydrocarbons, heaters (both kinds) and a very large snow and cold air “moat” between us and most of the the “local” and lower density diaspora. After the guys on point, the first ones off to the little lattitudes, use up their “staples” from their “staplers” on the warm weather adapted wild life flocking there early to check out FEMA-land and help with the “let god sort ’em out” events expect that the great white north in both Europe and NA will likely clean house and then mosey on down there again (except for those who get flash frozen with daisies in our guts and hopefully permannent woodies;) like the mammoths and mastodons in “Not by Fire, but by Ice”), just like we did after the previous twenty or so interglacial warm periods, to give folks a hand again with civilization during the next 90,000 years or so while putting Atlantis back on it’s wheels with even higher tech as the sea levels drop. The natural selection (and incoming Social Credit Systems) of the coldest great white northern most species of animals selects for both hardiness and intellect/technology for good reason. The Early Bird gets the Worm… which is great if you are the bird. There is a reason the great white north in Europe and NA are playing quite a bit of engineered “Trading Places” / “Chess/Monopoly/Risk” for strategic reasons just now encouraging the mostly male diaspora from the little lattitudes with a great history of ancient grain growing and accessible fuels (geologically deep fracture replenishing abiotic hydrocarbons not fossil fuels).

      The Quick Dick McDicks of the great white north have been to the beaches in the Caribbean and the Med and the “The Island of Doctor Moreau” and read “Something of Value” – Robert Ruark (a great read) before because they wanted to… that makes all the difference. Notice that there are no ancient pyramids, volcanic cones, or major fault lines near the great white north lattitude of Saskatoon or Moose Jaw or northern Europe. Timing is everything and we really do appreciate your bravery. – Winston

      The Advanced Technology Of Atlantis

  4. And processing canola seeds ain’t all that ‘green’!
    See this video for what goes into the processing canola seed (or rapeseed) to make it into an edible product packaged in attractive plastic containers.…

    And all that processing of canola seeds is powered by sustainable unicorn tears transfigured into carbon neutral fuel through the back-radiation of lunar rainbow cloud’s !

    I’m staying with butter, beef fat, suet, lard, duck fat (when I can get it) and some olive oil.

  5. I will never understand the power of reason behind these blokes who wanna turn our planet into a battle for survival of the fittest?

    There is something very, very wrong with these people – Donald J. Trump

    • In late fall, the “Ranchers” decide on the quantity, quality and type of cattle they expect to have enough feed for, for the upcoming winter. The high-grading must be especially thorough if the ranchers forecast that it’s going to be a long, cold, hard winter. Astro/Geophysically, solar cycle-wise, it’s now late fall/early winter and the ranchers have been high-grading the herd for decades already.

      In the battle for the survival of the fittest, the law of the jungle, ocean, forest or pasture is the physics/evolution of the rare and temporarily cognitive plasma life-forms within the Electroverse. Most pastured cattle today don’t have even an inkling of what the word “eugenics” means… the major engineered component of the continuous improvement physics/dynamics technocracy behind the main business on the big ranch ball.

      I spent six months back in 2006 searching on the main word/objective: eugenics along with many soft kill methods starting first with: eugenics/mercury, eugenics/fluoride, eugenics/soft kill, eugenics/vaccines, eugenics/ GMO, eugenics/psyops …. so “for kicks” lets just now try the subject: eugenics/CO2, eugenics/climate change, eugenics/Greta…. and these are but two of the many hits:
      …one by another crazy Canuck conspiracy analyst/climatologist:
      Prof. Tim Ball provides a comprehensive overview of the eugenic origins of CO2 alarmism
      In this video, Prof. Tim Ball shows not only why the “science” behind the CO2 scare is completely false, he shows how the fascists and eugenicists have created this scare very consciously in order to choke modern civilisation and development.

      Climate change hysteria’s roots mix with eugenics, homosexual activism

      A man’s character is measured by how much ‘truth’ he can tolerate. … or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted, falsified.

      Oscar Wilde said, “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

      The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie.

      “Life is tough, but it’s a whole lot tougher (and often shorter) if you’re stupid.”… never say never – hope you’re all laughing;).

      Cheers from a way different Robert – Winston Smith

  6. Need to pay attention here. Agriculture and livestock have bern decimated yearly, going back for 4-5 years now. And its happening world wide, one more year of deep freezing blizzards followed by increased precipitation and floods, and you will see all thats left in grain surplus fall below zero. The folks pushing this vegan agenda are keenly aware that there is not enough grain to feed livestock plus people. So they are pushing to feed people with vegetation directly and cut out the cow. While distracting the public with the Kabuki Circus of AGW, they are creating a work around narrative on the coming agricultural crisis. Its already here.

      • Like in the movie Soylent Green set in the year 2022… predictive programming? … it’s all shits and giggles until they, the big eugenics corporation, send a hired goon to bash the beef eater’s brains in. Remember Tuesday is Soylent Green day. Make sure you’re wearing your Centurian galea – safety 1st. Hope you’re laughing;)
        Cheers from a way different Robert – Winston Smith

  7. While many have argued that butter is harmful, one foundation called Weston A. Price had a different view. The foundation believed that taste is not the only reason we should be eating butter, but because of its many health benefits. They made their stance clear by publishing a well-researched report on January 1, 2000 (5). This report claimed that butter can benefit:
    Heart disease
    The immune system
    The thyroid gland
    Gastrointestinal health
    Weight gain
    Children’s growth and development

  8. Some Vegans claim to have kind-hearts, & condemn meat eaters as ‘cruel’ because we require that animals shall die. But this is part of the cycle of life. Everything that lives must die. Most livestock farmers try to ensure farm animals have as good a life as possible, & a humane death – much more so than ‘nature!
    Vegans, on the other hand, begrudge them the food they eat, & want a landscape with not a cow, sheep, pig or chicken in sight.
    Who is the kindest? Meat eaters & livestock farmers (most of whom love their animals), or vegans, who want them to be exterminated?
    Other vegans claim that cattle are a major cause of ‘Climate Change’, & want them exterminated for that reason.
    From which we must assume they want other ruminants, (the vast herds of wildebeeste & caribou, giraffes, other antelopes, domestic reindeer, et al) to be exterminated?

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