‘Combat shopping’ in Seattle

Grocery stores around Seattle saw their shelves cleared of eggs, milk, liquor and more as shoppers stocked up in fear of being snowed in for the weekend – or even longer.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning yesterday for up to 12 inches of snow in the region starting this afternoon.

“Seriously. Today is the day before the storm. Stock up. If you don’t use it, save it,” wrote the Washington Emergency Management on Twitter.

At the Safeway in White Center last night, shoppers were lined up down every aisle waiting to check out.

At Costco stores around the area, people stocked up in bulk, apparently specifically on liquor. I talked to an employee at one Costco store who said the parking lot was absolute gridlock.

At Fred Meyer, shoppers described a “war zone” of “combat shopping.”

Yet another snow storm could hit on Monday.


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  1. I’m currently travelling in Ireland. Pretty damn cold here too. Met some American students on a day tour. They couldn’t wait to tell their stories of cold in the USA. I mentioned that this “polar vortex” seems to be happening every year & getting considerably worse as the years pass.
    I asked the question about the consequences of early onset of the “vortex” & prolonged periods of freezing weather on the food producing capabilities of the agricultural sector. Judging by the wide eyed stares nobody seems to have given it any thought, nor the consequences of food shortages in general covering much of the Northern hemisphere. I think, hopefully that they’ll go home & think about it!

    • When I told everybody that I fear we might run out of cheap supermarket food one day, all I got was: “Ridiculous, we have modern agriculture, we will never run out of food!”

      Well, I hope they are right, but I keep my year worth of beans just in case.

    • Hard to know how to react to the food shortage question. Right now, the biggest problem for North American grain growers is depressed prices due to several years of bin busting crops.

  2. Hey !! If you move to the NW US of A, you can expect lots of snow, sleet, rain, …. I live in Texas and just love warm weather, however, today started out at 21 *F (17*F chill factor) and will start warming up over several days to normal, 56*F highs/36*F lows. Regards, retired engineer.

  3. As the snow approaches Seattle, the “climate change” global warming cultists need to drink plenty of liquor to keep warm.

  4. I live in Portland, Oregon, and the media weather reports said that we were going to get a big snowfall, just like Seattle. Right now, it’s 5:40 PM, it’s getting dark, and weather.com says its 33°F in Seattle, with a low of 27° and snow expected overnight. Here in Portland, weather.com says it’s 39°F with a low of 30° and rain/snow expected overnight. However, another snowstorm is expected on Monday the 11th for Seattle, and possibly Portland also. Like in Seattle, there have been big lines at all the grocery stores in Portland this afternoon and evening.

  5. A trick the Science Deniers are using it to call any INCREASE, in any temp, a warming trend regardless of the starting point.

    Let’s say it was -30F last night, but “Tonight it is going to WARM UP and we will have a Warming Trent this evening !!!

    Ignore the cooling part. Play it down. It’s a “one of”. The cooling is “temporary”….etc. etc.

    Another trick is to find those places that DO have a “record” heat and ignore all the rest. It is obvious that someplace on the Planet is going to have a “record” heat (records going back 12 years, if we are lucky) and that will make the headlines.

    When 400 Places have record COOLING temps, well, that is not news worthy.

  6. Lol, I went to Weather Underground’s Climate change site and the “Feeling Skeptical” link is broken. The rest of the site is not loading properly either. I’m assuming that’s because with all of this extreme winter weather, a *lot* of people are feeling skeptical these days. https://www.wunderground.com/climate/

  7. More evidence to stock up well before there is a crisis, but the masses live minute to minute like zombies with no ability to plan for future emergencies and no faculty of reason. The mind has been attacked for decades, and now millions upon millions of Americans have no survival skills whatsoever. Society seems to be on a razor’s edge.

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