Common Cold Now Being Counted as a Positive COVID-19 Result

We are being scammed! If you have two minor symptoms (sneezing, fever) or one major symptom, (respiratory major) you are COUNTED as a COVID case – hence the so-called “spike”. If you have allergies, you’re a case.

In other words, even if you have the same symptoms as an allergy or the common cold, you could be classified as having COVID-19.

It gets worse.

Earlier, only proven cases were counted.

  • Now, there are about 15 new ways you can get counted as positive.
  • Now, “probable” cases are counted (whether or not the person displays any symptoms).
  • Now, if you have had close contact with a “probable” case you are counted.
  • Now, if you display any two of the symptoms as mentioned above (whether you actually have the virus or not), you are counted
  • Now, if you have been to a location where the virus is endemic (a location where there are lots of cases – such as the entire State of Texas), and you test positive (even if you had it long ago) you are still counted.

I posted about this yesterday, and provided a video showing the Commissioners of Collin County Texas being instructed (ordered?) to follow the new guidelines (See The video was dated 18 May 2020, which means the CDC issued its new profiling guidelines about six weeks ago. I assume that every jurisdiction in the U.S. was given similar guidelines (orders?)

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is essentially setting policy across the country, endlessly putting out a stream of so-called facts (that they then revise or rescind).

I’m not kidding! The following is from the CDC website:

According to the CDC:

A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold. (Emphasis added.)

My take on all this? We are being scammed.

Above quote from CDC website here: 

Thanks to Stephen Bird and Laurel for this info

13 thoughts on “Common Cold Now Being Counted as a Positive COVID-19 Result”

  1. Well, the “experts” MUST show we are in a pandemic; and they must be PAID a lot for their “expert” statements.

  2. With death rate on a constant decline despite so called increases in infection rates, one could conclude that we have only inconvenience resulting from increased infections and little to fear.

  3. So true.

    I was part of a study on infection rates. It was do through the internet only- no real testing or examination and only self reported symptoms. There was NO way to differentiate between KungFlu symptoms and allergies. No question about allergies and no area to report that a runny nose was due to anything other than KungFlu.

    I quit the study in disgust.

    • I have allergies, which I’ve had since I was 8. Currently having stuffed nose, post-nasal drip, and coughing due to the post-nasal drip… and now I’ve experienced social bias due to some people (too chicken to do this to my face) “reporting” me to a doctor I had an appointment with and was therefore asked to wait in my car, where the doc did our visit.

      This happened despite the fact that in the office I had on a stupid mask, stayed more than 6 feet away, and told anyone who entered the office that my cough was due to allergies… and every patient entering the office had on a mask (now required in my state), and stayed 6 feet away from everyone other than if they came in with some household member

      • And I should mention… ever since we’ve been required to wear masks I have had MORE problems with coughing and feeling like I can’t breath under the dang mask… and trouble sleeping.

        • The mask traps CO2, which you then breathe right back in. If you wear the mask long enough, you will starve your brain of oxygen

      • Allergy symptoms vary widely. I have had ragweed ( and now an unknown spring time allergy ) for many, many years. It has always mostly affected my eyes which get really itchy and burn if I don’t treat the symptoms. After I moved to Utah the eyes burning and itching got even worse after I got allergic to the western variety of ragweed ( which took years ). Not only got the burning and itching but my eyelids would swell up and look really bizarre so as to make me embarrassed to even go out anywhere. But I have almost never had a runny nose or coughing. Maybe a sneeze or two every day. After I started spraying “sensimist” Flonase (TM) it has made it go away if I hit the Flonase before the pollen starts flying. I got allergy shots for almost four years which did no good at all. What a waste of money that was!

    • but that “study” will be raved up BY presstitutes if they can tweak the results to “scary”
      and they always can

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