A common-sense President

“YES ! YES ! YES ! Trump may be an ego manic but he’s at least got common sense,” says reader Lee Holsen. (In response to Trump withdrawing us from the Paris climate agreement.)

“Since the hysterical media cannot seem to promote the idea that decreasing the temperature by at most one degree at the cost of 100 trillion to the USA is a good idea, the mantra seems to be that the USA will miss out on all the green energy jobs and industry that the rest of the world will gain.

“This is why the media are people you should never pay attention to.

“If green energy were COMPETITIVE with other energies, then it wouldn’t need the taxpayers pay for it thru subsidies.

“If green energy were COMPETITIVE with other energies, there would be companies all over the USA making profits and hiring people instead of going out of business whenever the govt isn’t giving them money.

“Anyone thinking Exxon wouldn’t rather build solar panels than drill extremely expensive wells if they could make more money off of solar panels is an idiot.”

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  2. thats why elon musk had his tantrum
    if trump cans the climate con;-)
    then poor widdle ewon will go bankrupt overnight
    its all YOUR taxdollars keeping the mongrel in biz and mouthing off.

  3. I agree totally!

    I also noticed the latest thing is that various politicians and businesses have vowed to work together to continue the policies.

    ” More than 80 city mayors, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and New Orleans, announced plans for their individual cities to adopt the Paris Climate Agreement.” and “So far, the group includes three governors, more than 80 university leaders, 100-plus businesses and 30 governors. ” (link below)


    I do not have a problem with any business, any celebrity, or any individual who believes in the “Paris accord” putting their OWN money into those ideas… if it’s their money they are spending it is none of my business on what they spend it on. If I don’t like the idea I can stop buying that business’ products or services.

    But I do have a problem with governors deciding on their own to support that… unless their constituents agree that is how they want their taxpayer dollars spent. Vote on it and if the majority rule, OK. But I have major problems with anyone taxing ME and spending my earnings that way… so I would prefer that local and state governments are not allowed to participate in this. And I have concern that my state (Virginia) has too many liberals in it (mostly northern VA, which is a commuting area for DC) and likely to end up going that way also… despite what the rest of us think.

    I have major problems with the ideas of any public university participating, since they are supported mostly by taxpayers.

    And notice that almost all cities named all have VERY major crime and or economic problems (other than Austin, which I am not sure of). So, if they choose to spend taxpayers money that way… do not come whining to me about supporting your city the next time you have a natural disaster or crime wave.

  4. WOW ! Thank you for doing me the honor of being a primary post on your site. I visit it often and it is a great source of information as was your book.

  5. Trump is doing great!
    At least now we won’t have to worry about some government tyrant running around your neighborhood and fining residence for burning wood in their fireplaces or paying 10 fold for gas and utilities because some arrogant French bureaucrat thinks you’re destroying the planet by turning up your AC in summer!

  6. Green has problems. Our weather is going nuts.
    1. Wind generators have problems when winds are too strong. They tend to burn up.
    2. Solar needs full bright sun to be most efficient. Our sky’s in the stratosphere are generating more clouds, meaning the sun is less intense. Less intense means less generation per cell.

    The simple solution is to make Russia, India and China step up to catch up to the us. Lets see if that will solve the majority of the problem. IF they catch up to our standards THEN we can discuss our further participation in the Climate agreement.

    Right now we lead in reducing emissions. Why should we supply $2.4T dollars to fix a problem with which we are already responsibly dealing.

    China is being claimed as the worlds largest economy. They build entire empty cities that can house 1 millions people on different continents. If they can pour hundreds of billions into empty cities then let them spend that same money in curing their emissions problem. Let them send their money to the UN where it will disappear into the pockets of UN officials who already live like kings.

    If some one could demonstrate how we will reduce co2 by just .o2% I’d be happier. No one and I mean no one has given assurances this will happen because we send $2.4T dollars to the UN. So, ultimately what is the point?

    And one last issue. CO2 is helping crops to grow, trees to green up and food production globally. I don’t want to pay to reduce the effect of CO2. I want more food production, larger greener faster growing trees and frankly more oxygen production.

    Has any one considered the levels of oxygen are 1/2 of what we once had on this planet. That is the gas I’d be worrying about. Not CO2.

    Lets see what happens in 3 years. Volcanoes are increasingly active. The volume of CO2 coming from those monsters will eclipse any imagined reductions the Globalists are claiming they might achieve. Factually, if they are given what they want they will claim success no matter what. If vulcanism increases (scientists say it will dramatically) nothing the UN climate people do or say will help. But they will claim their un measurable, un-verifiable efforts saved us.

    Here is a fact everyone should consider; IF we took all the people on the planet and stood them shoulder to shoulder, they would fill the Florida panhandle. And we are being told man made emissions are the problem that can be fixed that will save the world. Baloney.

  7. The United States will miss out on all the green energy jobs, thank God! Green energy is a terrific energy sink that uses more energy to manufacture and site than it can ever produce. Green energy requires energy input from fossil fuels, and subsidies from governments that either tax their citizens or print money, or do both, to work at all.

    Small scale green energy, such as siting a house to take advantage of solar heat gain in the winter, and shade in the summer, is a proven winner that even primitive peoples used to good effect. But huge, continent wide undertakings, on the scale of the Manhattan Project, such as covering the landscape with enormous windmills, as far as the eye can see, border on insanity.

  8. Does anyone have a list of cities pledging this support? I need to know where to avoid. At least now the craziness is on the state and local level not federal and I can move to avoid it.

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