Commonsense subjugated by rabid thuggery

First amendment rights. No rights if you disagree with these bullies. NONE.

Commonsense subjugated by rabid thuggery

Robin Willcourt MD

For the first time in my life, I fear that the greatest experiment in democracy is about to fail. America is on the brink of civil war. The liberal left, using the tactic of divide and conquer, multiplication by subdivision, is winning. Madness over civility. Commonsense subjugated by rabid thuggery.

The tactic is brilliant. First create as many groups as you can and convince them that they are hard done by, are not understood, are discriminated against. Then promise them that once in power, all their issues will be fixed.

Let’s see what we can squeeze into our Big Tent. Start with Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, then break it down further into Single Moms, LGBTQ+, transgendered, add the thouroughly confused, Muslims, Unionists, Seniors, College kids, etc, and when all of these add up to more than 51%, it’s over for the rest of us. It’s a Big Tent. Circus time.

Of course at the same time, a class, or groups must be identified as the oppressors. That one is easy. Pick on WHITE people, who because of the color of their skin, not any other attribute, are easily identifiable.

Because they are largely successful, they must be pulled down a peg or two… or three. Then, ally with SOME white people, usually rich corporate and Hollywood types, have them hand wring with crocodile tears in hyperbolic public displays and rain guilt down on the rest of the great “un-woke.” It would be pathetic if it weren’t so destructive. No society can survive this continual barrage of idiocy.

Pulling down and even beheading statues. Oh, so grown-up!

First amendment rights. No rights if you disagree with these bullies. NONE.

The next few months will determine if America will survive. A must read book by Stauss and Howe called “The Fourth Turning” scarily predicted the recession of 2008-2009 and then they predicted that before 2025, America would face a challenge greater than The Civil War, The Great Depression and WW2, combined. setting the stage for a BIG WAR.

They made these predictions in 1996.

Possibly the most astute commentator in America, Tucker Carlson said this last night: “Tucker Carlson warned at the top of his show Tuesday that left-wing activists are transforming American society to fit their design, which discriminates against certain groups while styling itself as a movement against discrimination.

“No matter what they are claiming on television or how loudly we are claiming it, their main goal is power,” Carlson said. “They will silence you, hurt you, burn your country down, and they are doing all of that now.”

“At this point, we are becoming North Korea,” Carlson added. “We now believe in blood guilt. We punish people for the sins of their relatives. We don’t allow individuals to have private thoughts. We hurt anyone who disagrees with orthodoxy.”

“We demand that the innocent plead guilty to things we know they didn’t do and then read their confessions in public to prove they’ve been reeducated, and then we brag about doing all of this.”

He is so right. It’s gut-wrenching.

7 thoughts on “Commonsense subjugated by rabid thuggery”

  1. I really do wish you people would stop using the words “Liberal Left” together. Real Liberals are NOT Left Wing. What you guys are calling Left Wing are PROGRESSIVES. The Progressive movement is still alive and well in the USofA. This 1932 FDR lie has simply got to stop. FDR was trying to hide his Progressive ideology and he lied about it, by calling himself a Liberal. He was anything But a Liberal. I don’t give a Tinker’s Damn what Limbaugh and Hannity are telling you. These Leftists are NOT Liberals. Educate thyself, for heaven’s sake.

    • They are not progressives, they are Bolsheviks, they have been antagonizing societies as long as there have been societies.
      They are moving on from the US to China just like they moved from Egypt to Rome to England to Russia to the US.
      Their favorite weapon to use against normal society is their former slaves, today it’s the blacks, for Rome it was Roman slaves, for Russia it was the underclass.
      They enrich themselves through plundering governments, then move on to the next.
      What we are left with here is the fascistic left. If you point out how fascisitc they are, they go ballistic on you. Try calling them what they are. You’ll lose your job, home, friends, everything. The people behind this share one religion, and it’s not protestants or catholics or muslims.

    • You are right. REAL liberals are anything but lerftists but I was making use of the everyday person’s understanding. Left and Liberal have become one and the same. Sorry, if that offended you. Cheers

  2. Nobody much cares about other folks’ skin colour or race… but they do need to care about their general intelligence and temperament… especially in life or death or rabid thuggery situations.

    In psychology, temperament broadly refers to consistent individual differences in behavior that are biologically based and are relatively independent of learning, system of values and attitudes.

    • This last hundred or maybe hundred thousand plus years has been a reltively highly engineered technocratically controlled period in history – and we are living through a well planned script. Unfortunately many of the useful idiots have always been used and manipulated towards achieving many “engineered ongoing solutions” as we enter this next well predicted (now the subject of many ice age type sites) cyclical GSM/global cooling period. Expect that there is likely no shortage of “Aryan/Atlantean” type” engineering built into this Technocracy that likely goes back to before Atlantis, and well before the end of our most recent major ice age.
      The Advanced Technology Of Atlantis
      …so expect that the aware will likely continue to avoid the poisons (more kinds than ever), and avoid the traps (with even more kinds than ever now – yikes, eh?), because eugenics works. Stay well and just give the “selective natural selections” and the “Great Resets” time to work their magic. Artificial Intelligence psyop is likely just another “crisis actor” puppet, straw-mani-pedi- tranny like Sophia (they definietly know where the “off” switch is) and these eugenic/technocratic ranchers also know just how far to push the herd before they ramp up or let up and slow down the stampedes during the roundups and culls.

      Mankind has major imperatives and projects to work on for the next few thousand years. Real meat (wild or tame), barter, cash and technology in some form or other always makes it through these “Great Resets”… no worries.

      Lifted from previous posts – must watch vids:
      The Great Reset Plan Revealed How COVID Ushers In The New World Order – Spiro Skouras

      Technofascist Takeover – Amazing Polly

      The Strategy Of Technocracy’s Coup d’Etat – Patrick Wood

      What should already be commonsense to everyone here now:
      Our future pivots on building the critically needed Ice Age Soft-Landing Infrastructures: The process begins with focusing on understanding the basics of Plasma Astrophysics: The Queen of the Sciences.

  3. There is one common denominator in all progressive activism today : Your societal organiser in chief : Hussein Barack Obama hiding behind the curtains and instructing his minions where to go and who to attack . Even the democratic candidate for the us presidency is in his pocket . The Clintons have lost the fight long ago , it is now the Obamas who are making the rules of the Streets and control the demorats . Behold you Americans , if he regains congrol again of your country . He will definitely destroy it !

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