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  1. Both ideologies are based on the concept that people need someone to tell them what’s good for them, and what they should want, and how to go about getting it. Both have a kind of pie in the sky promise of perfection, and neither of them have ever delivered. There are some things that only governments can undertake, i.e. defense, the Interstate Highway System in the US, etc., and governments should prevent abuses, such as market manipulation, fraud etc. But people usually know what they want, if left to themselves, will find the best way to achieve it.

  2. Communism, Socialism ?

    Did you know that the “Beast” will lead the way and that is “exactly” how its Government will rule !

    That is the entire points of its “mark” (And the “point” of the Global “push” now towards “Socialism” now to “prepare” the way) !!

    And for the 1st 3 1/2 years “without” it you can’t buy or sell, which means that You will starve to death !!!

    The Last 3 1/2 years you will be “executed” without it (The Mark) !

    Fact not Fiction…

    • Socialism also includes violence, particularly against those of the working class who reject their power-grabbing views.

  3. Here in Canada we have single-payer healthcare. It bugs me when American politicians say ignorant things about this amazing system that they know nothing about. “It’s socialized medicine and we don’t want that” is a good example.

    A Canadian can see any doctor, any clinic, any hospital any time, and leave your money at home. No Canadian ever receives a “doctors bill” or a “hospital bill”. Here is what we pay for 100% complete healthcare: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-drug-coverage/msp/bc-residents/premiums This is truly “affordable healthcare”. Obamacare in not. Obamacare is about making big money for healthcare corporations. It has nothing to do with making Health Care affordable for the average American.

    In American I frequently saw collection jars on store counters. Patients were desperate. This person has cancer and they cannot afford the expensive surgery, or that person needs a transplant and they are forced to fundraise like that in hopes of getting enough money to stay alive. I never see that desperate and unhuman type of situation in this country.

    Despite what American politicians say, after taking their money from the health industry lobbyists, no Canadian would ever want America’s health system.

    One reason Canada has an epic number of entrepreneurs is because nobody has to stick with a crappy job just so that they can get a crappy health insurance “benefit plan”.

    Just because something has been labeled as “socialized” does not mean it is a bad thing. That is just a distracting label which the corporations have put on our awesome Health Care system. Their corporate Health Care model is about making profits and is not about providing a proper standards of Health Care to the population.

    • If you are basically a healthy person, then the health system in Canada is for you. However, many people with chronic or disabling conditions may view things differently. My wife, a nurse, has seen many Canadians over the years come to the U.S. hospital where she works for treatments that simply aren’t available through Canada’s health care system but are offered in the US. People need to understand the differences. Canada isn’t Utopia.

  4. Both of these “isms” fall under the general heading of “collectivism,” a political strategy for the governance, management and, as Rand says, ultimate enslavement of human beings.

    “Progressivism” is essentially another term encompassing socialism and therefore collectivism. There is nothing new or progressive about progressivism, unless you consider serfdom and the complete subordination of the individual to the “will of the collective” to be a progressive thing. (Of course, the real will of the collective is always concealed and obfuscated by the political class and controlled media under collectivist political schemes.) The term “progressivism” dates back at least as far as the beginning of the last century. Don’t be fooled. Obamacare is “progressivist” and collectivist. Since when does a free society compel people to purchase something they don’t want?

    People may scoff at the idea that there are unseen hands at work whose goal is the elimination of individualism and personal freedom, but they exist that is exactly their goal. Our smiling politicians are often just useful tools in these unseen hands. They say their aims are for the good of everyone, but their real aims are parasitic.

  5. 21/10/16 Excellent article, concerning the difference between COMMUNISM & SOCIALISM. Amazingly I totally agree with all of the knowledgeable and very intelligent COMMENTS.

    What is to happen in the November elections in the USA? Will the Elite have their way, and get their Socialist candidate Hilary Clinton elected, by hook or by crook? I know that they certainly don’t like TRUMP. Trump getting elected might set them back years to achieveing their NEW WORLD ORDER. They have tried controlling certain nations by socialism, and others by the harsher conterpart communism, and yet others by democracy and others by dictatorship.
    They are all but methods of “controlling the masses”. See why I don’t like politics! The following are my latest articles from my website: WORLD WAR III ? http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/418801558
    & “SIGNS IN 2016” http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/421699452

    Best Wishes,

  6. This simplistic hate of socialism is stupid beyond belief – just as insane as the CO2 drives climate belief !

    The fact is that most of the world’s governments have socialism at their core ! The ones that don’t are easily identified and this does NOT include Russia – think Zimbabwe or North Korea as examples.

    If you don’t think health, emergency services, education, even democratic representation are not based on socialism I think you are misguided in your thinking.

    If they didn’t then all government would do is police the subservient population and maintain a military !

    If that is what you want then go for it !

    • Roscoe,
      I don’t know where you live or where you get your information from but I’m in the US and I’ve been working in public health for over 30 years. I do not share your point of view that socialism is the basis of the health care system in the US.

      It’s my understanding that socialism means that the “means of production and distribution” is owed by the public. (Would you agree with that or not?) For one thing, health care does not “produce” anything.

      Most people in the US have their health insurance provided as a benefit from their employer (some charging the employee part of the cost, others not). Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid are all health *insurance* programs which do not provide any direct health care; they are only the means for some people to pay for their health care if they do not have privately owed health insurance from an employer or which they purchased themselves. Likewise, most public health “programs” do not pay for health providers to diagnose or treat patients… most are more health education, although there are some exceptions. The exceptions are almost always only available to a very limited population.

      For example, Boston’s “Healthy Baby Healthy Child” is a public health program that provided public health nurse prenatal care in the home, but only to women who were “high risk” due mostly to things like being prostitutes, substance abusers, or illegal. The Boston Healthy Start Initiative provided some additional funding to health clinics and hospitals to provide more MCH services but only to very low income women in neighborhoods with high infant mortality rates. They did not directly provide any health care,

      Most doctors operate like small businesses, with one or more doctor’s operating their “practice” privately. Some (only in the past 30 years or so) group together and belong to some kind of HMO or other non-profit or for profit private health care system that includes a hospital and doctor’s offices… and in those cases the doctor’s working may either be employees or some other way make an agreement to be part of that particular health care system. It varies a LOT by state!

      One thing I know is there are almost no public health hospitals left (about 30 years ago public health in the US decided to opt out of providing “direct care”). I used to work for the Boston Dept of Health and Hospitals whose public hospital closed over 10 years ago… a lot of public hospitals in CA also closed due to not having sufficient funds due to getting overwhelmed by the costs of providing health care to illegals (mainly in the ER).

      Off hand the only other health care systems I am aware of in the US that might be called publicly owned … all are limited to certain populations. That would include:
      * Tricare: Federally owned for active duty service members and their families or retirees (who had to be officers with 20+ years in the military) and their families
      * Veterans Administration (which, BTW is not available to all people who served in the military, only those who were deployed to combat areas during a war)
      * Indian Health System (Federal and only available to Native Americans who are enrolled in in a “Federally recognized tribe”, i.e., one that signed a peace treaty, which included agreement they would get health care as “wards of the state”… albeit that concept has changed some what)
      * and a few health care systems for institutionalized populations including prisoners, people who are in an institution for the mentally ill or developmentally disabled.

      So for the most part… that doesn’t seem to me to mean that health care in the US has much of a “socialist” base.

  7. For the youngins who have been well educated in history.

    NAZI == National Socialist German Workers

    It was socialism till they took the vote away.
    Then it became Fascism although I’m not what the difference is between it and Communism.

    Oooppss – just thought of one – Fascists could get the trains to run time.

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