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One of my readers has complained that this website contains too many ads. I hadn’t thought of this as a problem because I’m somehow able to filter out the ads when I visit other websites. I really do need the ads in order to afford to maintain the website properly, because even with the ads, I figure that I’m making less than $15.00 per hour. (Unless Drudge Reports links to one of my articles – then it’s bonanza day. But that doesn’t happen very often.)

Anyway, here’s the reader’s email:

“I have a complaint.  I realize you have no control over it and there is absolutley nothing to be done about it but here goes.   There is so much advertising on your web pages I find it is too distracting and troublesome to try and read the articles.  Each story is totally surrounded by ads and the middle of each story is broken up by many ads.  I find it difficult to concentrate on the stories.  Sorry Robert, but I have given up on your web page.  I hope some how things can be improved.”

Do the ads bother you as much as they do this reader?



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  1. I must say I never notice the amount of ads on this website. I am just happy you are not running ad videos down on us. And interviews/talking heads talking. To me, this is one of the better website when it comes to not irritating me with ads I have no use for.

    • Use the BRAVE Browser. If Robert is proactive he can get paid for ad placements and his readers can be paid for viewing ads. The Brave browser is the only one i use now. It’s ad payment feature will be going active very soon. It’s a new blockchain project founded by the founder of Mozilla FireFox and Java Script. I have interacted with Brendan Eich online. This projects is great. Even if you do not participate in the ad program it does block the vast majority of therm. I personally suggest it for everyone. Robert should add the system to his web site.

      A new partnership has been created with BAT Basic Attention Token/Brave where by Apple, Starbucks and Amazon are partnered along with 249997 other products and service for which the BAT token can be used in purchase. Hotels, meals all kinds of things are redeemable.

      I do not wish to make this an ad. I am just informing all of you since the subject came up.

      I hope Robert will visit I would put a monthly tip in his account monthly. These tips can come from viewing ads you approve and wish to see. Observe the ad and you get paid.

      Good luck to all.

  2. People have to realize that nothing is free. If you want information that represents a viewpoint that is not supported by politically correct organizations then the least that you can do is see some ads. In fact clicking on a few of them helps the cause also.

  3. Hey Robert-I don’t like the ads but they are everywhere and I just tune em out.To me it’s important to get out your message so I’ll endure.Thanks for all you do. gary

  4. No way! There are not too many ads! I click on all your articles to get your traffic up to get your ad revenue up!! You deserve it. Did that person offer to pay you? NO! Ignore them! That is their problem. They need to see a therapist. It is called, Low Tolerance to Frustration! Control Freak!

    • Ask Robert to add the systems to his website so we can tip him monthly or not. One can tip him during a visit.

      I hope Robert will consider joining the BAT Brave Ad program. It’s a very cool system. The video to learn about the systems can be opened in the website. It’s activation link is next to the download button at the center bottom of the front page.
      You can tip some of your favority web sites like this one and you will soon get paid for viewing any ads you opt into.

      Enjoy guys.

  5. —so used to ads. that my mind filters them out.

    Don’t worry, I quite understand why they are there i.e. if they weren’t there, neither would you be!

  6. I only see one Ad per page.

    I’m also using for my DNS (there’s an app for iPhone and Android). I’ve noticed better performance since starting to use it.

    I frequent the Conservative Treehouse and would occasionally get pop-up ad attacks, but haven’t had one since using

  7. I don’t really notice the ads except for when someone writes a very long comment and that comment gets split by an ad. I could see how an ad could make it look like the end of the article or end of the comment section to someone used to a different webpage formate. But I also don’t think it’s a reason to “give up” on the page.

  8. Hi a note on the readers complaint. In the UK i find your site Robert very easy to navigate and have no problem with Ads my end. To be honest i’ve hardly noticed them. I do use adblocker and various other software to make Ads a non problem on most sites. While thats probably not in the interest of advertising, if its that much of an issue then i’d suggest using one to rid the distraction so you can concentrate on the valuable information that brought us all to your site. Keep up the good work Robert.

  9. Then control your ads by locking out many of the Ad companies.
    I normally see one ad in each main page.
    Google may also be adding more adds, use a No script addon to control them

  10. We need you and your message! Ads are no problem. By all means make some money. We need you and you should be rewarded for your good work.

  11. 3 ad’s per page nominal for me. Most of them have cheerful and happy faces, quite pleasing for a momentary look after a usually long day haha. I will always love your postings Robert, no matter how many ads you run to generate a fractional income.

  12. No problem at all, Robert; I understand why the ads are there, and I hope you make at least some money in exchange for the time and effort you spend to post so much valuable, informative, and interesting info.

  13. I get so frustrated with many websites that are so cluttered with videos and scripts running that it is nearly impossible to scroll down to read past the first page, even with high-speed Internet service.

    However, your site is refreshingly easy to use and relatively uncluttered, so I don’t find the ads to be much of a distraction. Don’t let one complaint throw you off course, Robert.

  14. Ad’s are fine on a computer monitor or laptop but they’re an absolute nightmare on a Windows mobile phone. Each time another ad’ loads, all the text jumps half a screen, then you have to find where you left off. No sooner have you started reading again, another ad’ loads and the bit you were reading disappears again.
    Very frustrating.

  15. Use Opera browser. Open story link in new tab and temporarily block adds on that link and refresh.

    Everyone benefits – the adds show on the main page and the new tab, are temporarily removed on refresh, read the story sans adds and upon return to main page adds shown again.

    How hard is that ?

  16. I don’t have a problem with the ads.

    I regularly leave links to your site for the Drudge people to look at for posting.

    Tell the complainer if he wishes you can set up a pay portal and if he subscribes the ads and be minimized or removed.

  17. I don’t get a single ad come up as I use ad blocking software and a browser that most do not use which also stops ads from popping up.
    Your site does have too many ads though, which does make it annoying to read, for people that do not have the software to stop or lower the number of ads.
    Google chrome is the worst as it tracks everything you do and everywhere you have been then sends ads accordingly.

  18. Maybe the reader is having problems with the ads on clicking the links that you provide.

  19. I have ad blocker to be fair, but do buy your products Robert, so Adds are not an issue & you have gotten more this way than the adds would generate im sure.

    Great work & please keep doing what your doing Robert.

  20. Hello Robert
    The ads on your site are quite reasonable, and well behaved.
    Should a visitor to your site experience excessive ads, or ads which are not well behaved, I might suggest that the visitor has a possible mal-ware issue within their own operating system. Time to update their anti-virus software, or call the IT doctor.
    Keep up the awesome presentation, as my experience is that more people are questioning the MSM propaganda.
    Best, Murray

  21. Do not even notice the ads. Just scroll and keep reading. Would be unable to tell you one company ad on this site Better to have one disgruntled reader than work for free

  22. I find ads only slightly irritating, and mostly just mentally filter them out. Ads in dynamic popups that obscure real content are much more annoying, but you don’t seem to have any of that cancer here. I only access the web via a desktop PC with fair size screen, so standard ads are not much inconvenience. I don’t use an ad blocker, since I want sites like yours to pay their owners something decent for their time and effort.

    So, yeah, the way you have it is OK with me.

  23. I wonder if said reader bitches at all the other sites! Maybe he should notice what it costs without ads, or just watch PBS and listen to NPR. …O, I forgot the begging part. O, and the sponsers; corporations, funds, foundations. We were sold cable TV and paid to eliminate ads. How has that worked. Well, he can always get in his car and go for a ride, no ads there, right!…maybe a movie!

  24. You have a reasonable number of ads and none of them are popup videos like most of the mainstream media. I am willing to live with a reasonable amount of ads to get the wonderful information you provide.

  25. Dear complainer:
    This is one of the nicest sites that has advertising. Pop up ads don’t spring up across the reading area like they do on other sites that I go to, nor does this site shift an ad in place as one is selecting an article: obviously, sending you to the ad site! Furthermore, some of those “Ads” are Robert’s book ads. Maybe this person should buy the book, so he/she could read without any advertising. Besides, some of those ads I click on because I am interested in more/varied information. For instance, today there is an ad aimed directly at me about chickens, since I have been investigating the possibility of selling chickens and eggs at my Southern Nevada location.
    Robert is doing a great job! I see no reason to complain.

  26. I am using an ad-blocker, but only for sites that displays pop-ups and scrolling ads. It is “disabled” for

    I don’t see any ads though. Unless I count the books and the milk cartoon ad with the “missing monster” on it.

  27. I can only see ads for an itallian book (La Prossima Era Glaciale) and a milk carton with a picture of Al Gore on it. A lining on my stomach is always a good idea before touching the whisky but Al puts me right off, ugh!
    Well at least the ads I used to get about asian ladies have vanished LOL.

  28. “How hard is that ?”

    Or just wait until I get home….how hard is that?
    Still a problem in poor signal areas (most of the hilly UK).
    Can’t block ads on one page but not on another.
    Opera Browser not available for my phone. So what’s your answer? Buy a new phone when it’s just a script problem? Oh that would be a good move!
    Other sites load their ads when the place holder becomes visible. It’s a bit pointless loading an ad which isn’t being looked at – which is the problem, not the ad’s per se.

    “Tell the complainer if he wishes you can set up a pay portal”
    Ad’s aren’t the problem the ‘script’ is the problem, loading ad’s in the background.
    I am not a complainer! Robert asked a question and I’m answering him.
    Ad blockers don’t help Robert.
    Loading ad’s in the background doesn’t help me.

  29. we can ignore ads, or use blockers.
    I dont have an issue as i use blur
    the ads i see are Roberts own and all good;-)

  30. Robert the ads at your site are not as problematic than at other sites like Silver Doctors. I would say that at your site they are tolerable. When you can’t move the cursor to the scroll down bar without triggering an ad to pop up in a new window then things have crossed a line.

  31. Good content does not fall out of the sky.
    We need the ads, and if one is for some thing a need I will follow the link and spend money.


  33. No issues here Robert. Modlily and Asian bride/dating sites are distracting but that is by choice!

  34. Also – I agree if you install Adblocker Plus. Everything is gone. There was a total of 7 ads running on your site – all blocked. You can also block other elements of website that you don’t like.

    • The ads help if you actually click on them. The fact that people come to this site makes no difference. However, I make a huge three cents (Wow!) every time someone actually clicks on one of the ads. No need to purchase anything. just clicking on the ad is enough.

  35. I don’t mind ads unless they forcefully take up screen space so I have trouble reading the article – or if they redirext to another page and I cant get back. Your ads are embedded between paragraphs and it is easy to see through. I Usually use my phone so I don’t see the side bar ads but when I do see them on the webpage on my computer. I find those acceptable as well.

  36. Robert, I visit your website almost daily. While looking at the ads because of this post, I just noticed I can make a donation. So I gave you about 333 ad-clicks worth. I think it’s a worthwhile cause and much easier than clicking ads.

  37. I read between the adds, So no I can find the cool news just like running down a fault line. Don’t change a thing, you are doing a Great job Robert. Hay we had doily sized snow in Tucson.

  38. In Firefoxes browser address bar there is the outline of a page in black. If you click on it, or hit F9, you get a readers page with no adds. It stops at the end of the content for the article. The comments are not shown. Firefox is a free download.

  39. Down load Brave ad blocker. Kills them all.
    That said a small subscription by many will reward all the effort.
    Get 5 quality blogs in a cluster f*ck deal and $20 bucks a year is cheap.
    Love from Australia.

  40. I have no idea why… but I do not get ANY ads when I look at this website. But I’m thinking it must have something more to do with how each person’s computer is set up… not the website.

    And I do see ads on a lot of other websites.

  41. Remember when the internet was more of a library rather than a sales and tracking device? I use a blocker because some sites are unreadable without it and ALL sites load slower when there are so many scripts running. I switched to hostinger after being with bluehost for many years and it’s less than $100 a YEAR which allows me to offer craft patterns for free without annoying 3-cent clicks. We’ve all been indoctrinated into the current ad-laden world and maybe it’s time to look for other solutions….just as we think outside the box when it comes to our contrarian view of global warming.

  42. Greetings Robert,
    Ya the ads are a pain and they do break up the article. Whoop de do…I ignore them and move on down the page. Your pages are of interest and informative, and that is worth a lot to all of us who visit here.

  43. I don’t see any ads. Thank you for your service in fighting the propaganda of the phony environmentalist globalists that are trying to enslave and eliminate humanity.

  44. I have never used a filter for ad’s and don’t have a problem with them. I have followed this site for about 20 years and like to stay up to date with news that is never in our local paper. I purchase things of interest and ignore what is not of interest, it’s the same as choosing what items to read. I for one can’t see where there is an issue. Your work is very much appreciated and respected by us all. Put up as many ad’s as you need to stay online.

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