Compulsive Liars at NASA/NOAA

Changing story on melting Antarctic ice

Compulsive Liars at NASA/NOAA

By Dan Hammer

NASA/NOAA has seriously burned through any integrity they may have had left.

Look at this story from NASA produced in retaliation for Trump’s Paris withdrawal, which I consider to be complete nonsense.

According to the story, satellite measurements supposedly show that Antarctica shed approximately125 gigatons of ice per year between 2002 and 2016. The lost ice caused a global sea level rise of 0.35 millimeters per year (0.0138 inches). That’s at least 4 times less than the thickness of a piece of printer paper.

The story also included this time-lapse graphic showing how the ice has supposedly melted.

Trouble is that just two years ago NASA said the opposite was happening in Antarctica.

In October 2015, NASA issued a press release entitled “NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses.” That study showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001, which slowed to a net gain of 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008. than-losses

And in 2013 the coldest temperature ever recorded was observed in Antarctica.

According to USA Today, a reading of 135.8 degrees below zero was measured in Antarctica in August 2010, the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

On July 31, 2013, another bone-chilling temperature of -135.3 degrees was recorded.

Given where Antarctica has been as a continent temperature wise, the record cold from 2013, the near record or record setting sea ice area, I believe there is little chance the story published yesterday contains one ounce of truth.  It is seriously time for that organization to lose their funding.

That kind of dishonest work has no business being done at taxpayers expense.

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  1. 0.0138 inches is a little over 4 times the thickness of newspaper not 1/4. I don’t think I would be impressed even if it was 400 times the thickness of newspaper. (About an inch and a quarter) In the middle of the ocean who cares. And at the coast, tidal ebb and flow and “on shore” / “off shore” winds can cause more variation than that.

  2. Coupled with the fact that this entire western region of Antarctica is warming entirely due to volcanic warming of the bed rock basalt, notice the Eastern Ice Sheet has hardly melted, in fact has gained mass.
    Rather than CO2 IR atmospheric warming as claimed by the liars in AGW fraud, warming bedrock leads to under ice flooding and a much faster ice flow to the sea. If this were atmospheric warming via CO2 and IR radiation, then every Ice cap worldwide would experience the same consistent melting symptoms during the Summer melt period. Fact of the matter is that worldwide ice caps have increased over the last 3000 years

  3. Great science fiction, presented as fact. The AGW alarmists ALWAYS point to Pine Island Bay and Thwaites Glacier as “proof” the Antarctic is going to vanish.
    These are the 2 areas with known geothermal activity, and volcanos under the ice that create subglacial lakes and other types of melting water from below.
    NASA’s bogus animation wildly exaggerates these 2 relatively small areas of geothermal melt, and totally ignores the massive net growth in ice mass balance per the link above. With space travel going in the direction of foreign outsourcing and privatization, maybe NASA is desperately trying to create a reason for their continued existence?

  4. I do believe the SATs you refer to are called GRACE, they are not the most accurate of measurement devices. For example it does not actually measure ice but gravity field changes due to the rising and falling of the continent……of course it could simply be magma flow under the ice.

    With dodgy measurements like this its easy manipulate just like Karl and his ship intake temps

  5. Note that the only area of supposed Ice Loss is directly above the Volcanic region, ie Undersea/underground heating, nothing to do with Climate Change at all.

  6. after NASA admitted theyd spliced shots of the supposed Lunar landing..into the “real” lunar it any wonder at all that they feel free to bullshit on anything at any time?
    so yes why they keep getting funding?
    well I guess the govt finds the ability to have a dept to say whatever they choose to have the gullible sheeple believe as gospel is rather useful
    nothing new there
    they also utilise and control the media the same way
    so a controlled “science dept” who issue press releases to a dumbed down and controlled press and media..
    what more could any dictatorship ask for
    you can label it democracy
    but im seeing little difference between the fascist dictators and democratic so called societies
    less as the yrs pass.
    some control with outright supression./violence
    other do it via PC thought control, education and taxes and regulations
    which a obedient flock of sheeple will follow and i add my own Nation Australia into that as well.
    we inherited a upperclass controlled mindset from settlement of majority prisoners and slaves
    freesettlers really didnt change it much

  7. The highest value in science must be truth! Lies will get people killed by chance or by design.

    • Three corrections:
      Satellites are not nonsense.
      Antarctica is a continent.
      The NASA & NOAA climate departments are 97% fraud.
      Is it half term in your area?
      Just checking in case it was 1st April again.

  8. The only way to hit these organisations is to take their funding away, that is where it will hurt the most!

  9. Yawn. Boring. It’s getting colder with shorter seasons. I have a farm. We see it and experience it.

    All the arguing is over picking the pockets of western governments, primarily America’s to fund the further development of the New World Government. They are evn on record saying as much.

    The under informed poor and intentionally stupid others collectively are driving the planet into an un-survivable situation.
    What is happening isn’t global warming, but is IS climate change.

    • Everyone should start learning how to farm; can’t imagine we will be relying on the local grocer in the near future.

    • That is two more Interglacials, and two more major worldwide Glaciation periods in the continuing 2.6 million year Ice age we are currently in.
      The inference of the Antarctic will be ice free in only 225,000 years @ 125 Gigatons/yr is that this Interglacial will continue for the foreseeable future , in effect this current ice age will end next week, because of the pitiful amounts of CO2 humans are emitted into the atmosphere, and that the required 10sC warming is not happening until the Drake passage fills up with a new mountain range and breaks the roaring forties Jet stream which keep Antarctica in the freezer, then and only then, will Antarctica return to a more tundra like environment. I hope not, the majority of human cities are at current sea levels; they would be under 100 meters of seawater if that happened.
      Humans are screwed whatever happens – the end of an ice age, sea levels swamp the coastal cities. A major Glaciation period, and a return to a full on ice age period, and sea levels drop by 140M. coupled with the inability to grow crops or trade via sea ports.

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