Connecting Charlemagne and the Vikings to Global Warming

Conversely, global cooling leads to crop failure, the rise of disease, civilization breakdown  and cease in trade

Charlemagne, Vikings & Global Warming

Excerpts from Armstrong Economics

The rise of Charlemagne came 309.6 years from the fall of Rome in 476AD. What is never discussed in the history books is the correlation with weather. Both the rise of the Vikings and the Franks coincided with the Medieval Warm Period (800–1300) and ended with the start of the Little Ice Age (about 1250–1850). It was at the end of this Global Warming period that we find the reappearance of gold coinage. The climate directly influenced the rise and fall of the Vikings. Moreover, we now know that they established a settlement for a while in America about 500 years before Columbus.

Climate was warm and fairly stable pre-180AD  which reduced the threat of volcanic winters. There was an exceptionally low level of volcanic activity which also prevailed from c. 40BC to 150AD. We have similarly experienced post-1850 in modern times a warming period with low volcanic activity.

In central Greenland, temperatures became quite warm from c. 20BC to c. 75AD. Global Cooling began in Greenland post 75AD producing a gradual relatively cool period from about c. 100 to c. 270AD. As climate began to turn colder in the northern regions of Europe, this prompted the barbarian invasions into Southern Europe which was dominated by the Roman Empire. Indeed, it was Emperor Aurelian (270-275AD) who had to build the wall around Rome for the first time. There is a lot of climate evidence that confirms the rise of the Roman Empire which peaked 180AD, coincided with a Global Warming period which peaked about 150AD.(1)

Clearly, the climate was turning much colder inspiring the barbarian invasions from the north. As the solar activity turned down, volcanic activity began to rise. The Byzantine historian Procopius wrote: “For the sun gave forth its light without brightness, like the moon, during the whole year.”  Temperatures in the summer plummeted creating the coldest decade in the past 2300 years. Snow fell as far east as China during the summer causing starvation as crops failed. The Irish chronicles recorded that “a failure of bread from the years 536–539” took place.

The mysterious clouds which engulfed the world contributed to the era being called the Dark Ages in Western Europe. From a Swiss glacier, ice core samples were obtained at the Climate Change Institute of The University of Maine. They determined that a cataclysmic volcanic eruption in Iceland spewed ash across the Northern Hemisphere during early in 536AD. Two other massive eruptions followed in subsequent years during 540AD and again during 547AD. What appears to have been three successive major volcanic eruptions, the Dark Ages entered a volcanic winter which plunged Europe into famine which lasted for nearly 100 years into 640AD. This was also solar minimum which seems to correlate to an increase in volcanic activity.

With famine comes lower nutrition leaving the people more susceptible to disease. It appears that following the 546AD eruption, we then see the Justinian Plague (541-542AD) which was a bubonic plague… This plague spread rapidly throughout the Empire wiping out one-third to one-half of the entire population of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Therefore, because of Global Cooling, crops fail and disease rises. Civilization breaks down  and trade ceases. The major solar cycle is about 300 years. Therefore, the rise of Charlemagne came 309.6 years from the fall of Rome in 476AD and it was the fall of Rome which corresponded to the climate turning colder post-150AD.

As the climate warmed, the Vikings also grew in power and were able to explore even reaching America. Their invasion of England was like the barbarians invading Rome….

Charlemagne’s empire indeed broke apart much as was the case with the collapse of Alexander the Great’s Empire which was divided among his generals. Even NASA is forecasting that the next solar cycle will be the lowest in hundreds of years. If we see the continued rise in volcanic activity, then there is a serious threat of a prolonged Global Cooling.

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  1. Global cooling also coincides with the dynastic cycle. That means the fall of empires and the down sizing of government some times down to the family and clan level.
    The globalists and their ilk might find out the hard way that all power and glory is fleeting. Given what they have been doing in recent centuries they might not even survive to see the next rise of civilization.

  2. As if we weren’t facing enough with GSM and magnetic reversal, check out youtube channel Canadian Prepper, video “Iran: it’s a lot worse than you think.”
    One of his points is that a rise in the price of oil, of which Iran is the 3rd largest producer, will adversely affect the production of crops globally.

  3. A story that is not being told in the media: 2019 weather posed huge challenges to North American agriculture. From the Great Lakes through the Midwest, an extremely wet, cold Spring delayed planting to a degree not experienced in recent memory. The rest of the growing season was less than ideal, and a cold, wet Autumn created harvest difficulties.

    Despite these difficulties, American and Canadian farmers through these regions were able to harvest reasonable crops. Of course, it is doubtful that this would have been possible without PETREOLEUM-POWERED farm machinery!

  4. There is a massive gravitational point to consider between long Warm periods and short GSM periods of two cycle which happen every 172 years.
    As well as the much longer cold periods of around 700 years which happen every 2600 years or so. These longer periods are made up of GSMs which are followed by Gleissberg Periods of 80 years, unlike the last one from 1880 to 1940 which were Tepid and variable, the LIA Gleissberg’s were cold periods with low spot counts.
    The reason for this variability is the shape of the variable orbit the Sun makes moving round the Solar System BarryCentre (SSBC) which is also moving in conjunction with the orbital positions of the five major mass objects in the Solar System.
    These orbits range from a tight trefoil orbit of a GSM with significant amounts of Angular Momentum (AM) at the four axis points of each orbit, such AM values have significant impacts on the tectonic plates of the Earth, cause ready to pop volcanos to explode, and other moved further on though their eruptive cycle. The LALIA GSM had three massive T6/7 eruptions which masked the effects of the solar cause of the GSM.
    The Gleissberg period is a variable, much fatter trefoil orbit, again dependent on the Sun interacting with the SSBC it follows IMO that the less AM involved in the orbit, the warmer the Gleissberg period is, the less volcanic activity is with it.
    Solar Warm Period are a minimum of 70 years, we have just finished one, with the Sun orbit around the SSBC with hardly any AM values, the Sun produces lots of large Sun Spots and high UV values causing our Jet Streams to become lateral, instead of meridionals as they are now, and acting like a Shop doorway heater separating the cold into polar regions, and the heat into the Tropical regions where the most Sea surface area is to act as a heat store for the cold periods to come, and allow oceanic CO2 to be emitted into the Atmosphere, so that our rivers of air and water can deliver it to the centres of continents, maintaining the Co2 cycle which follows temperature. Cold Oceans retain CO2, Warm Oceans release CO2 from a small surface depth area of no more than 500M.
    Geoff Sharps Power wave image is a powerful indication of not only the variable AM but also gives an indication of just how deep Maunder was, with Spoorer even deeper.

  5. Read this exact article just yesterday from Armstrong Economics so we, the very few are on the exact “same page” from time to time… links connect to links. A good one to highlight. Congrats on getting more than 44 million hits to your site – you are doing Yeoman’s Work keeping us updated and educated.

    Connecting the Submergence and Advanced Technology Of Atlantis to Global Warming 12000 years ago – we are their decendants.

    The Green New Death
    NASA Admits Planet Earth May Die Due To Carbon Dioxide Deficiency – after 8 months this vid has 413 views so it looks like we are in a very small club gents.

    Robert delete anytime whatever attached links that are too non-PC for this site. Appreciate you creating this “forum” for the Ice Age Now interested Jack Hydrazines and Winston Smiths of the world.

  6. I cannot recall the article which claimed that as Justinian went through the western part of the Roman empire to attempt to re-unite it, the vermin that were included in his supplies spread the disease that wiped out a significant proportion of the population. The changing climate combined with the invading rats and fleas did europe in. Perhaps at this time, society is better prepared to terminate ancillary attacks on civilization or contacts spread so fast we are doomed and no amount of d-con can stop it.

    • I think you’re right.
      We are more prepared from a scientific standpoint to stop the spread of disease and to cope with colder climates.
      I just don’t think we are socially prepared for it.
      There is a certain political faction hell bent on destroying the most efficient and clean method of producing energy. Namely carbon based fuels. The same group of know-it-alls are also going pell mell to import as many unvaccinated third worlders into the western world as it can possibly hold. Doing neither the destination countries nor the countries of origin any good.
      California is experiencing all manner of diseases that had been mostly wiped out, being brought in by so called immigrants.
      We are experiencing the worst case of measles since 1930. Los Angeles is actually seeing plague cases on the rise. PLAGUE. In the 21st century.
      Who knows what might happen if there is even a slight disruption in the system?
      Total collapse?
      Doubtful, but not impossible.

    • One of the key developments of the industrial age was the humble 8″ ceramic drain pipe, and the larger sewer’s to accept their out flow, which changed towns from middens which encouraged disease to much cleaner environments.
      An example can be seen in London with the Embankment, originally a giant sewer pipe and alongside the cover and cover District and Circle Under ground lines. The Embankment is also the reason for the London section of the Thames not freezing during the AM affected Gliessberg cycles SC11 to Sc13 during the early 1900s

      • Very interesting.
        Good info.
        Here in San Francisco we can’t get our homeless to use things connected to the sewers.
        Piles of feces are everywhere.
        There’s even an app to warn you in advance of large accumulations.

    • D-con, which was my go-to rodent eradicator for 40 years, is now useless. They changed the formula to suit the Greenies. Now contains vit. D instead of poison. My mice won’t touch it.

      I’ve gone back to the old fashioned mousetrap baited with cheese. Bingo! Humane AND effective!

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