Connecting the Global Cooling Dots

“The sun is the primary source of heat for the Earth… This is worth keeping in mind when the Secretary General of the United Nations or any other lying politician or alleged scientist tell you otherwise.”

Connecting the Global Cooling Dots

By Alan Caruba

Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21, but winter has a mind of its own as does all of nature. While the United Nations charlatans gathered in Doha, Qatar to try to save its global warming hoax by first calling it “climate change” and then by fashioning a funding mechanism to transfer the wealth of developed countries to those who are not, winter has arrived “early” around the world.

That might just have something to do with the cooling cycle that has been active for the past sixteen years, “inconveniently” blowing a big hole in the global warming lies we’ve been hearing and reading since the late 1980s.

From, a site by Robert W. Felix, the author of a book about ice ages (the Earth has been through quite a few in its 4.5 billion years), here are some recent news stories:

On December 1, “Heavy snowfall severs Russia” told of “Hundreds of drivers (who) were caught by surprise in a 40km traffic jam after an unexpected snowfall and heavy winds.”

On November 30, “Finland snowstorm causes blackouts” reported that “Tens of thousands of households were without electricity on Friday as the result of a storm that dumped heavy snow across southern Finland and sent winds gusting up to 27 meters per second, felling trees and downing power lines.” That same day, across the former land bridge between Russia and North America, “Fairbanks – Coldest back-to-back November on record” was a news item that reported “The mercury hit 30 below for the first time this winter at Fairbanks International Airport.”

On November 29, the news was about a “Severe snow storm hits northern Japan” during which it was “blasted by an intense snow storm causing widespread havoc to residents of Hokkaido and Northern Honshu.”

On November 28, “Snowfall paralyzes life in China” was the headline of a report that “China has experienced the biggest snowfall in 52 years. Snow caused power outages in 57 villages, brought down thousands of trees and killed numerous domestic animals. Temperatures fell by as much as 14 degrees below zero in some areas.”

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to connect the dots. It is getting colder in the northern hemisphere of the world. To those who would dismiss this, saying that Russia has always been famous for its winters, that is the equivalent of whistling passed the graveyard.

In England, a November 29 report in The Telegraph, reported that “Councils are gearing up for what could be Britain’s coldest winter in 100 years, as sub-zero temperatures and snow follow days of downpours that have devastated large parts of the country.” The Met Office, England’s equivalent of the U.S. Weather Bureau, warned that “The forthcoming cold snap, caused by clear skies and northerly winds, could herald the start of a freezing winter.”

This was not unforeseen, however. In late January 2012, the British daily, The Mail, reported that “The supposed “consensus” on man-made global warming is facing an inconvenient challenge after the release of new temperature data showing the planning has not warmed for the past 15 years. The figures suggest that we could even be heading for a mini ice age to rival the 70-year temperature drop that saw frost fairs held on the Thames in the 17th century.” England and much of the northern Europe and North America was gripped by a mini ice age that lasted from 1300 to 1850.

It is no secret to climate scientists that the sun is in what they call a “grand minimum” by way of describing relatively few magnetic storms, also known as sun spots. Few storms means less solar radiation and, since the sun is the primary source of heat for the Earth that means things get colder here. This is worth keeping in mind when the Secretary General of the United Nations or any other lying politician or alleged scientist tells you otherwise.

In a new book worth reading, “The Whole Story of Climate” by E. Kirsten Peters, the author brings a wealth of knowledge to the subject from the standpoint of a geologist. As to the claim that carbon dioxide emissions are the “cause” of a warming that is not happening, she points out that “The fact is, if human beings had remained hunter-gatherers throughout our entire history, never producing a single molecule of greenhouse gases through agriculture or industry, climate today would still be changing. It would be lurching toward higher temperatures, crashing toward vastly colder temperatures, or at least swinging toward something different from what has been. That’s just the nature of Earth’s climate.”

Preceding the introduction and rise of humans was an age known as the Pleistocene Epoch about 1.8 million years ago. It “was not a time of only monotonous cold. In fact, it alternated between long periods of cold –  lasting roughly 100,000 years – and short periods of considerably warming times – lasting about 10,000 years.”

We humans are the result of the Holocene Epoch, a much more temperate, warmer period that followed the Pleistocene and, writes Peters, “From the Earth’s point of view, the Holocene is no different at all from other brief, warm intervals in the Pleistocene.”We are now about 11,500 years into this warmer cycle and, if the current cooling cycle continues and gets colder, we are knocking on the door of the next ice age.

Nor is this a problem only for the northern hemisphere. Southern hemisphere polar sea ice expanded in September 2012 to its greatest extent since satellites began measuring the Antarctic ice cap in 1979.

That’s what Robert W. Felix has been warning about in his book, “Not by Fire, But by Ice”, published initially in 2005. He’s not alone. Habibullo Abdusamatov of the Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences predicts that there will be a sharp drop in the temperature of the Earth starting in 2014. He’s predicting it will last about 200 years.

We are well past when the next ice age – mini or not – should have begun and, if all the global warming charlatans are right, we can actually THANK heightened levels of carbon dioxide for delaying it! However, the truth is that higher or lower levels of carbon dioxide show up centuries after any shift in the Earth’s temperature.

Just as the recent weather reports indicate, lower temperatures, greater snowfall, and other miseries of a colder Earth are in the future of the billions who live in the northern hemisphere. Bundle up.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

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22 thoughts on “Connecting the Global Cooling Dots”

  1. today on the Australian Broadcasting Corrupted radio servies we got a full half hour or more of the Doha(ha ha) non truth reportage.
    no mention the IPcc now nicknamed the IPECaC by lord Monkton:-) absence from the present Ha ha meeting.
    what we got was flim Flannery saying the temp was still rising and that we have 5 years more to cut our own throats, lose jobs and panic over his lies.
    the total crap over a FOUR to Six degree!1 rise by the end of this century..totally UNsupported by any previous non happening temp rises..and nothing but supposition by modelling.
    the same flannery paid to lie re climate Admitted the co2 reduction kyoto etc was and would do Nothing to halt any co2 and wouldnt affect temps for maybe 1k years…maybe?which to the better eductaed suggests he Does know the co2 follows the temps and the temops are going…yeah…DOWN!
    the big problem we face is getting ANY media time to get to the masses who absorn MSM bullshit and have no idea theres any other info or views due to inertia, conditioning and laziness, they are trained to acept the idiot box opinion and trust the media and govt and really just cant give a rats about any thinking or research themselves.
    the victim mentality oh woe is us!
    rather then pro or reactive problem solving.
    sheeple zombies or Darwin award winners..we have a LOT of them specially bred n trained.

  2. The last decade or so of the global warming scam are years which could have been used to prepare the human world for the onset of cooling. It hasn’t been done, worse still resources have been wasted on inefficient green energy technologies which will be unable to keep us warm through the blizzards to come.

    The AGW scam has injured us, will continue to injure us and is planned to injure us more.

    • That’s why we need to close our ears to them, to start to prepare by ourselves and alert others around us.
      A new Bond cycle is starting now (or is about to start soon) and other cycles are converging (including the new solar grand minimum), all them pointing towards a significantly cooler climate.
      We don’t need fools to control our lives.

    • That is because AGW was never about global warming except as it could be used as a tool to institute more government control over the west and to make emormous wealth transfers to the third world.

  3. While I truly want to be on board with the cooling theory, it’s just not clicking here in Northern Michigan. While September, October, and November were a bit cooler than last year (still slightly above normal though), December is looking to be warmer than last. I am worried that we are looking at a second year in a row without a winter at all. We had a bit of snow around Thanksgiving and it looked as though winter might be back. Then, December 1st rolls around and it immediately turns into a repeat of last year. We are going to top 60 degrees today, and then 3-4 degrees above normal for the foreseeable future. I am starting to accept the fact that winter sports may be a thing of the past in Michigan.

    • A mere aberation caused by changing weather patterns drawing warm southern air to your region. As Global Cooling intensifies the pattern will change again and frigid arctic air will be drawn down to you and you will be wishing for the few warm winters you once enjoyed. You (hopefully) will be able to tell your grandkids about these winters. But be warned, it will be so cold in THEIR winters they will probably not believe you. Your stories will be myths to most.

      • I keep trying to find evidence that this is an aberration. I haven’t had to wear a winter coat since 2010. Our temps have been consistently warm. Hottest summer I can ever remember. I started to think that things were swinging the other way in Sep, Oct, and Nov, but I can’t find any reason to believe Michigan will have a winter this year.

    • Why can’t there be up and down swings in a long term trend ?

      I saw a year ago that the park at Logan’s Pass was literally buried under many feet of snow and ice in July 2011 – Summer – while normally by this date there is usually plenty of grass and no snow.

      The drifts were 8 – 10 feet deep.

      July is summer.

      Compare these photos with previous years for a truly mind boggling experience.

      If it happened in July 2011 it could happen again anytime – or not.

      But remember the chief proponents of global warming theory are releasing THEIR temperature data sets which show NO warming since about 1998.

      Whether this means a “peak” has been passed and we are on a downward slope only time will tell.

      My money’s on the cyclic nature will see decreasing temperatures for a while or we may be at the cusp of the next ice age – only time will tell.

      Besides climate science is based on wrong assumptions –

      1. The Sun does not shine 24 hours a day at one quarter power.

      2. Space is not “cold” – besides the absurdity of applying physical concepts to a vacuum there is the very real observation that space near the Earth’s orbit is “awash” with powerful solar radiation capable of heating the Moon to ~123 degrees C – doesn’t sound that cold to me.

      Also it takes the Moon about 177 Earth hours to achieve a temperature drop from about 117 degrees C (lunar noon) to about -53 degrees C (lunar sunset).

      This is the fastest rate of cooling on the moon and is about 1 degree per hour.

      I can put near boiling water in my freezer and have ice in 8 – 10 hours at no mre than -15 degrees C.

      Space is not “cold” – it is a vacuum which is about the best insulator we know – eg vacuum thermos flasks.

      If Earth’s radiating “Blackbody boundary” lost energy at a similar rate to the Moon’s surface in an average of 12 hours it would cool only 12 degrees C while the surface often can cool very rapidly in desert locations.

      Don’t be fooled by the space is “cold” BS – Astronauts wear shiny reflective suits while outside the space vehicle to keep from overheating – they only need extra warmth when they spend lonnng times shielded from the Sun.

  4. I think any kind of an ice age could be beneficial to mankind. It will enforce survival of the fittest and the smartest. There will be little or no tolerance for criminality, big government or any kind of political correctness and that will be a good thing. What will be crucial though is the preservation of knowledge and technology so that we don’t go all the way back to the stone age.

    • Quit kidding yourself my friend, the LAST thing any kind of ice Age would be good for is mankind!
      Firstly, most of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres would be uninhabitable so the armies, navies and airforces of the strongest nations will be at war over the thin tropical lines which avoid ice Age ice caps. The military and the “elite” will be the only peoples allowed to live in these few liveable regions. The worst of the worst will go on living while the rest of us freeze/starve to death.

  5. Bundle up indeed. Trouble is, with no food for the belly because it no longer can be grown in the northern plains, bundling up won’t help much – unless of course it is because you are limited to 6 light bulbs and a total ration of, say, 500 kilowatt hours per month due to the lack of coal and oil burning power plants. And, yes, that is where the charlatans of global warming are taking us. No food and no heat? Not many humans will survive more than about 20 degrees or so north or south of the equator. and not much chance of us all huddling between those limits, either, so billions of us will have to perish so those that have positioned themselves to best ride out the storm, so to speak, can do so in luxury.

    • I really think that 35 degrees North will remain quite habitable while higher latitudes will require adaptation.

      The Southern hemisphere is completely different – I can see now way the southern ocean could possibly freeze solid much beyond the current antarctic sea-ice shelf – obviously it would depend on ocean depth.

      No matter what there will still be significant solar radiation in the tropical oceans to distribute energy.

      I don’t believe the snowball Earth hypothesis.

  6. re Jason in Michigan
    no way is this a repeat of last year and don’t dare accept the theory that winter sports may be a thing of the past, especially if you are on board with the cooling theory. I remember many even warmer early Decembers than what we are seeing now and last year was a far cry warmer for a much longer time than what will happen in the next week. I know. plus changes in the whole pattern can sometimes come outta nowhere, meaning if it don’t look like anything is going to change anytime soon according to most models out to 2 weeks and a week from now a change toward colder weather is more imminent before the models catch on. NAO has a lot to do to with “outta left field pattern shifts”that happen sometimes being The models can’t forecast the NAO,AO,etc. themselves accarutely beyond 7 days to 2 weeks at the most and be 100% correct especially for week 2 in the runs. Be sure and Bundle up mid-late Dec 2012-Unlike last year!

  7. Startlingly, the Greenland ice core evidence showed that a massive “reorganization” of atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere coincided with each temperature spurt, with each reorganization taking just one or two years, said the study authors.They know the answers but like all the deceptions our world has taught us about …war,global warming b.S.theory hype,agendas hurting countrys,disease,politics self serving agendas which will never end. My opinion, consciousness will be the equalizer for man and I truly believe this world cannot function in true honesty,that being said. We should all try to be better conscious beings everyday, even though were powerless to our own fate. There is so much unknown info about the world ,I believe in the entity of a creator,it is what it is,no one man has all the answers,never will. Let’s all prepare, the icecores of greenland foretell a horrific climate change freeze in which analog patterns suggest will be… 30 TIMES greater than the little iceage,that’s harsh.

  8. N Michigan still having moderate days but agree that Dec is iffy and winter doesn’t start until Jan. S/B here in a day or so.

    My theory has to do with a heliospheric compression that is responsible for the sun (and planets) having what is interpreted as low magnetosphere. Actually it is just a magnetic field held tighter due to higher magnetism. We have been used to looser more expansive magnetospheres.
    Note that NASA smacked the Moon over a week ago. Since this was I believe an effort to shake loose the old magnetic field and it appears that we still have the two south poles, we may have an unusual magnetic configuration due to set in on Earth.
    Remember that Sts Pat and Brenden sailed the relaxing tho a bit foggy North Sea on their way to touring the American coast in their cockle shell without meeting up with a bergy bit during one of these weather adjustments.

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