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  1. Those Romans & Greeks were still much wiser & more intelligent than these pitiful Liberals. They had good reason to believe, but the modern Liberal had tons of info about the past. the cycles, etc. They have joined the ranks of witches, warlocks, and fortune-tellers; in fact, I’d believe a fortune-teller before I’d believe a Liberal. It has reached the point where Liberal & Liar are actually interchangeable. Fiddlin

  2. Trouble is you can’t manufacture credits out of flatness. Equally to have flatness out to infinity, you have to have a flat gravity source to the same infinity.
    Oh I get it, Gore is making the pronouncements in the picture above explaining that he can now make a 1G deck gravity plate out of all the carbon he has collected from his current AGW wheeze, and he is going to make billions out of providing artificial gravity to the first 1701 Enterprise. To boldly go, where no carbon credit has gone before.

  3. Other great moments of consensus

    Royal Medical Society claims Banting is wrong – diabetes symptoms are not caused by lack of Insulin – can’t be treated by injections either.

    Medical profession consensus – stomach and duodenal ulcers are caused by stress – Helicobacter pylori are irrelevant.

    The medical profession was right to confine Semmelweis to an institution for the insane – surgeons must wash their hands to remove invisible organisms – ridiculous ! Death by puerperal fever after childbirth is an hysterical reaction by women and has nothing to do with invisible organisms.

    The list of a bunch of “know it alls” claiming a dissenting voice is the product of insanity and eventually discovering the “know it alls” were wrong is endless.

    Consensus leads to complacency leads to mass stupidity.

  4. The problem with our leadership, government employees and think tank researchers is that most of the high ranking personnel running the above is have received less than a stellar education from ivy league universities. They have been “brain washed” in ivy league liberalism, anti science and hatred of everything not approved by liberal tenured professors. The top personnel simply cannot think!

    • Only, they are really good academic hoop jumpers, which the hoop rapidly goes out of date as the real science progress faster than the has-been teaching the old Ologist science.

  5. Splendid cartoon, thanks due to Steve Hunter. What about the 1400-year consensus that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around the earth?

  6. Even the observatories of their day were put to ruins(heresy) to the church. Chemistry, engineering, celestial, medicine put to ruin. Why?
    When ships were enlarged and men became braver then started scouting the seas with less fear of falling off the edge or sea serpents taking to ruin their vessels and new lands with new people were found, once again the records of history of these people were destroyed in the name of heresy.
    Seems once again a handful of heretics are trying to make the celestial races of the earth bow down to a line of beliefs or become a heretic and suffer the consequences!
    History is being rewritten. Records of evil deeds not being recorded for future historians.
    As history has proven, the people and the reasons for these actions can prove nothing but repressive to those that will live under their reign. That all is premeditated and carefully executed to achieve the goal of all beliefs and laws will again revolve around them. Never, never drop your guard against these people no matter how relentless you are attacked through their slander, hate and imprisonment(will probably occur sooner than later to deniers of anything they say if truth).

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