A convenient memory lapse

Media “forgets” that the ship trapped in thick Antarctic ice was chartered by global warming scientists.

Cartoon-Media Whiteout
Branco cartoon courtesy http://legalinsurrection.com/

Actually, they seem also to have forgotten that the rescue icebreaker is also trapped in the ice, and the the US nuclear icebreaker, the Polar Star, is now enroute to rescue the rescuers.

Branco cartoon courtesy http://legalinsurrection.com/

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  1. FYI, Polar Star (and her sister Polar Sea) is not nuclear. She runs a CODLOG (COmbined Diesel-eLectric or Gas turbine) power plant.
    Only the Russians (Soviets) operate nuclear powered ice breakers.

  2. Another thing that anyone has “forgot” to mention is it is mid Summer in the southern hemisphere which means minimum sea ice – not maximum as we are seeing. That is the inconvenient truth for these UNSW Researchers.

  3. The POLAR STAR is Diesel Electric and Gas Turbine Powered. It is the only Heavy Polar Class Ice Breaker we currently have in service. Senators from Alaska and Washington State are fighting to keep her sister ship the POLAR SEA from being scraped.

    CGC POLAR STAR (WAGB-10) is a United States Coast Guard Heavy Icebreaker. Commissioned in 1976, the ship was built by Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company of Seattle, Washington along with her sister ship, POLAR SEA (WAGB-11)

    POLAR STAR’s three shafts are turned by either a diesel-electric or gas turbine power plant. Each shaft is connected to a 16-foot(4.9-meter) diameter, four-bladed, controllable-pitch propeller. The diesel-electric plant can produce 18,000 shaft horsepower(13,425 kilowatts) and the gas turbine plant a total of 75,000shaft horsepower (55,925 kilowatts). Along with POLAR STAR’s sister ship POLAR SEA, she is one of the largest ships in the US Coast Guard and the world’s most powerful non-nuclear ships.

  4. The Polar Star is not nuclear powered. It is normally powered by diesel electric system with supplemental power from gas turbines. It is powerful though. 75,000 hp. Only Russia’s nuclear icebreakers are more powerful.

  5. What did I say?
    I said they will start to rewrite the story.

    Soon it will be: They never got stuck, could sail all the way to the shore, never saw any ice, rescue ships were just resupply ships, penguins dying because of 120 degree temperatures and all this in winter.

    • These pseudo-science and politico-criminal gangs must hang together, or they will all surely hang separately.

      There are but a few dyed-in-the-wool leftists and enviro-whackjobs who have the honesty and integrity to actually step outside of their fanatical dogmatic faith and question their deeply held and hopelessly narcissistic convictions. Its not easy to de-throne oneself and accept the unpleasant reality of being a mere mortal and not some grand, pretentious, pretend “saviour” of the biggest victim of all time, Gaia mother Earth.

  6. See what happens when they believe the lies they have been spewing!

    “The Ice is melting, the ice is melting!”

    No it is NOT!

  7. pop over to WUWT a lass theres done some close reading n following posts n twitter feeds n is finding some intersting “anomalies” with whats said on media by TurKey turney and what n where they actually were at what times..etc.
    how wierd the Gaurdian didnt run items while they were transmitting directly but only now is releasing some?
    also some Gaurdian posted links that will vanish when they realise it Upsets..certain statements:-)

  8. My local news reported how cheerful the “passengers” were and how they kept up their spirits despite their “ordeal”.

    Made it sound like this was a Disney cruise ship that took a wrong turn and how wonderful it was that they were saved.

    I almost smashed my TV. Threw up instead.

    These people have no conscience.

  9. You people are such idiots like all climate deniars! You should be arrested for the killings of suffering polar bears im the Antartic. The point is that this is summer in that regon- they got stuck due to freeky weather! This is because freek temps cause the ice to thiken in summer and thin in winter. Oh those poor bears.

  10. Do yiu idiots ever stop to think what it must be like for polar bears to live on decreesing ice? These wunderfool creetures live on land. Now they are redused to living on small bloks of ice. You peeple are AGW aushwitzers! It make me so angry. Thank Marx there are thos of us who are more intelligunt and caring enough to save these poor bears. You people want to geta propur educatun to and lern to spel!

  11. The basic problum is that gaia acts lie global fridge. Warm becpmes cold and vise- versa! Reed up and cjange yor wurld views!We are tuning out of time to save the planet!

  12. “…suffering polar bears in the Antarctic.”

    Ron, I hope you were writing all this in jest.

    There are no polar bears in the Antarctic. They only live in the north.

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