Conversation with author James Delingpole (Video)

Conversation with author James Delingpole (Video)

“Watermelons – They’re green on the outside but red on the inside,” says Delingpole, talking about ManBearPig, Climategate and Watermelons.



“The global warming industry is worth trillions,” says Delingpole. “Around 5 times the amount spent on the Manhattan project has been spent on man-made global warming. You can buy a lot of politicians … and vested interests for that kind of money.”

“It’s not about science, it’s about politics.”

“After the Berlin Wall came down, the communist movement – the global leftist movement – was left in a bit of a quandary: They pretty much lost the economic argument,” says Delingpole. “Global warming allows them to achieve many of the same aims under a cloak of green righteousness.”

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  1. only issue I take is the ag use – for increased production CAN be far better by using permaculture style farming and less chem, and monocrops. heritage seeds can be better than gmo.
    have a dekko at Joel Salatin web pages.

  2. The problem as the video points out, you are up against the same people that were behind Communism.

    They are not reasonable people. They do not care about being right. They only care about winning. They will do what ever it takes to win.

    So if you want to beat them, you have to get professional help and fight fire, with fire.

    And they are not about saving the environment at all. They will do the opposite.

    If they get their way, technological progress will halt. Resources will be used until they are exhausted, rather than us moving on to the next energy source, as we did from wood -> to coal -> to oil -> to nuclear, and so on.

  3. We are spending so much money on a non-existant problem that we have seriously limited the money we can spend on sustainable agriculture, cleaning up water and air pollution and generally dealing with actual pollution and population pressures. That is the real disaster.

  4. ““Global warming allows them to achieve many of the same aims under a cloak of green righteousness.”

    They were living in the West, advocating for Communism all through the 1950s-1980s and were funded by the KGB.

    How else do you think people could put “Community Organizer” on their resume, for their entire careers?

    When Communism fell, they had to find other means of employment and the Green Movement was the next cash cow they jumped on.

    So you have to understand, these people are their own billion dollar industry. When their Global Warming Scam fails, they will find a new scam to keep the money flowing.


    At the height of its economic power, the USSR had half the economic output of the Netherlands. It was the same failure in all Communist countries.

    Yet all we were ever told was, Communism is catching up to Capitalism.

    The reason we were never told the truth, is they controlled all the university departments and our mainstream media, just as they control them now.

    They were able to lock all dissenting voices out of the system, just as they lock them out now.

    They can control the information flow, because leftists only hire and promote their own.

    This is the kind of opposition you are dealing with. They don’t care about being right, they only care about winning.

    So if you want to win, you have to learn and use all of their dirty tricks. There can be no half measures in politics. Politics is war.

  5. has everyone forgotten that the ipcc with it’s mandate to establish the extent and likely effects of man made global warming was set up at the demand of margarat thatcher’s uk government. they were possibly the most extreme right wing administration ever to come to power in a democracy. if you truly believe that a right wing government will do anything to reduce the carbon con just watch cameron’s lot pile on the taxes here. this is not a right versus left issue, its one of the few issues where all parties are happy to dip their snouts in the same trough!

  6. @jim b:

    Thatcher started it to break the coalminers unions, to promote nuclear energy in its place. But the leftist elites saw an opportunity and turned it into a global Jihad to enrich themselves. They have been in the exploitation business for very a long time. They are pros.

    And I am yet to see conservatives shrieking “Denier!” yet. If there are any doing it, they are an exception to the rule. Shrieking the same name over and over, to pathologize opposition, is Cultural Marxism 101.

    However, the respectable right will join in eventually (they always agree with the left eventually), because you can make big money in private enterprise, creating products that comply with government regulations.

    Of course, none of these Global Warming products are necessary. They are nothing but a crippling tax on the common people.

    Parasitic leftists, their sole economic output words, riding on the backs of the common people, is what the Global Warming Scam amounts to.

    When this scam is defeated or collapses, due to its own silliness, the left will create or find another and another. It is what they do. It is the only way such people can make a living.

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