Cool weather hammers California wine grape production

The California Department of Food and Agriculture forecasts a 9 percent drop in wine grape production, says this article by Lisa Baertlein.

The smaller-than-normal harvest is due to heavy spring rains and the second summer in a row of cooler-than-normal temperatures.

So far, says Baertlein, California’s harvest of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc all have been below long-term average yields per acre.

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1 thought on “Cool weather hammers California wine grape production”

  1. Global cooling is taking its toll. And the recent rain has done damage as well.

    I live in Sonoma County, California (Wine country) where the past two summers have had fog/overcast days. It has been a rather cold summer although not as foggy as the year before. The local paper stated the grape picking season was late by about 2 weeks. When rain was predicted, there was a rush to pick the grapes, but many couldn’t find enough crews. Grapes rot on the vine after getting a soaking. Some lost their entire crop due to the rain. Not a good year for wine.

    I can only imagine the crop loss yet to come. Robert is right, for “There will be fighting in the streets long before.”

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