Cooler summer hurts big industry in Perth

Pool sales and repairs are down.

16 Feb 2018 – A cooler summer means fewer people are desperate to jump in a pool after school or work.

Timothy Mytton-Watson, who runs renovation and repair business Perth Pool Co with his brother, Neil, said some of the smaller operators were slashing prices because of the lack of work.

“You can feel the desperation out there,” Mr Mytton-Watson said.

“It’s really strange. I’ve only jumped in my pool three times this whole summer.”

“Usually it’s 40 times.”

Thanks to John of Cloverdale WA for this link

“Looks like it won’t get much hotter in the next 7 days according to the 7 day forecast,” says John. ” A chilly 16 degrees (C) last night.”

6 thoughts on “Cooler summer hurts big industry in Perth

  1. 16 C is rather comfortable temps for summer. Not too cold or hot. What should be of concern though is the presence of old permafrost ponds in southern Australia which indicate that during ice ages they get permafrost and tundra. When the next ice age sets in 16 C will seem pretty damned good.

  2. Going to the BOM’s website, one can see that over the past 3 months (NDJ) the western parts of Australia have been running up to 2°C below normal:
    That doesn’t seem like all that much of an anomaly to me, but then again, perhaps the better graphic to explain this might be with its rainfall over the past three months (NDJ):
    Rainfall anomalies across most of Australia have been higher than normal, which means the potential for more days that are overcast and thus, less likely to make people want to go for a swim.

  3. I think this is a bit of misinformation.

    The real reason is Perth is running out of water – the dams are so low that water is precious.

    Perth relies on desalination and treating groundwater and recycling sewage – they are in real trouble due to uncontrolled or planned population increases.

    You wouldn’t be allowed to fill up a pool at present.

  4. Resavoir levels were low last year in Perth but are up %10 overall with metro at %67 so no problems there. Australia has an oversupply of man made resavoirs but not the rain to fill them, two different things. Low water levels are the norm, not an abberation.

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