Coronahoax has Replaced the Global Warming Hoax

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
– H. L. Mencken

“The Coronahoax has replaced the previous CO2 driven warming hoax,” writes Yukon Jack. ” Scientists have started to push back so these globalist betrayers of humanity had to switch horses during the apocalypse.  The globalist agenda is being pushed regardless of which lie they pump.  They need something to scare us so we give up our freedoms and natural rights.”

“Since the global warming campaign has failed to pan out with total planetary control they have now switched to a new fear of an invisible virus, before that it was the invisible CO2 air molecule…”

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  1. And maybe a purposeful maddening of the crowd in Minneapolis: They just now actually ANNOUNCED that there is new evidence so that there will not be criminal prosecution. (At 4:20 PM, a few hours to dark. Madness)

    WHY would they not say that there’s a continuing investigation & a plea for calm?? They (the gangsters) are using this for martial law, maybe? At least it’s a massive distraction.

    Unreal, I’m watching here right now Australian news reporter.

  2. OK they’ve reversed the earlier announcement that “new evidence indicates there’s no basis for criminal charges.” Thank goodness. That was scary.
    Although a report of the “not yet completed” autopsy was made public: “no indication of asphixiation–

    Absolutely wild: at this moment CNN reporters being arrested after repeatedly offering to move “wherever you want us to.” Wild, police now arresting entire CNN crew, camera men, everybody, in a non-chaotic scene, after police dispersed the crowd & everything is calm & orderly. @8:20 PST Wild.

  3. Chinese Ruling Gangsters Joined with Ours

    The Perspectives series (Journeyman Pictures) is the one which brought us Dr. Wittkowski and his insights on herd immunity, and other sensible medical professionals on the virus. You may remember how very good the interviewer, John Kirby, was.

    He brings us another expert– this one on the possible lab origin of the virus– for the first time a mature presentation. Judy Mikovits is a brilliant scientist, but hasn’t the fully measured self-control that allows one to be confident that her presentation is without impulsive enthusiasm which might cause exaggeration.

    This time John Kirby brings us a journalist long difficult to the establishment, one who truly does “speak truth to power:” Sam Husseini a Jordanian-Palestinian independent journalist. He is so understated that I would recommend you start listening at minute 17, where Fauci & Wuhan get together. You may pause the video to read the print confirmation of this.

    As I commented earlier, the Wuhan lab, Ft Detrick, and a North Carolina lab were all working on the same thing– paid for by the US– a powerful argument that the Chinese ruling gangsters are united with ours. The confidence with which the US accuses China about the virus underlines their knowledge that China will not betray the US part in it, for they have a common plan– world tyranny. The China/US antipathy is theatre.

    Anyway here’s the link or there’s a print version at

    • I fear that coronavirus fears are being hyped by the same groups that promulgate the climate-change fears, with the operative word being ‘fears.’ It’s easier to control people when they’re fearful.

    • Deb, the reasons that science in climatology has been fictionalized are stripped bare in the Corona hoax. Our best defense of science is in confronting the more obvious example– the one that can be more easily recognized as a threat to ourselves and to civilization. We defend science by defending ourselves; without those who defend medical and economic civilization climatology will continue to be overthrown. It cannot be restored within a polity of tyranny.

      Scientists and doctors who are silent outside the ivory tower end by betraying science through betraying the duties of citizenship. The current state of climatology demonstrates that science cannot stand alone, an island of rationality.

  4. corona is convenient to close economies that WERE due to crash anyway the stockmarkets actions were insane and the crash/rise shows the utter lack of realworld links to it.
    as for the protests
    funny how hundreds of b on b deaths chicago rate no mention when you cant cry rayciss?
    and how many of the looters would be the same beating up on whitey /each other etc on a normal gangsta day
    not hard to see why some cops DO have attitude.
    and some are just a**holes on a good day too.
    hell of a lot of pets shot daily,by police, that get no justice either.
    see bidet stuck his head outta his cellar to bleat this arvo.
    see bummer did his best to keep the pot stirred too

    • laurel, we all disagree w the looting & burning, but it is heartening that people can be roused by injustice when practiced by authority. It helps me to believe that if we do a good job of explaining the falsity and therefore the injustice of the Corona hoax that they will tear the injustice down.

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