Coronavirus – 113 new deaths, 737 new cases

22 Feb 2020 – Total reported coronavirus cases: 77,990

Total reported deaths: 2,363
Total reported recovered: 21,318


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  1. Readers of Ice Age Now are probably much better prepared for any potential disruption than the average person. It is in our genes. There are tons of resources on the web, but if you or anyone in your family needs a succinct, one-stop source for how to get prepared for what *may* be headed our way, I recommend The Prepared.
    They have been reporting heavily on the CoVid-19 epidemic, and their blog posts have done a good job keeping readers up to date. (Good info on more traditional prepper topics, as well.) The link direct to their coronavirus coverage:

  2. I am going to keep posting this question to all
    the deaths and the confirmeds
    leave a HUGE amount still with it
    the numbers of recovered patients are extremely low considering the duration.
    theres a couple hundred (min)added every day getting it,
    but nearly 7 weeks into the (admitted) timeframe of the real up n running start in january those first sufferers should be well n truly on the mend and released but?? they are NOT and NO ONE is talking about it..why??
    in Aus our first cases took about 3 weeks or so to be released, which is also quite a long timeframe most flu/pnumonia cases would be out in days a week in Aus is a long stay, our hospitals really whizz you in and out even with major surgery, burns n severe injuries,chronic illness like diabetes and cancer, are usually the only long stays

  3. Peter-

    Pandemics are a natural result of the sun’s decline (GSM’s). Less food of poorer quality, lowered immune systems due to less sunlight, mutating disease organisms due to increase of cosmic rays.

    That said, this particular pandemic is way too convenient for certain interests to be natural. And we’re not starving yet. Soon, but not yet.

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