Coronavirus – 118 new deaths, 474 new cases

20 Feb 2020 – Total reported coronavirus cases: 75,779

Total reported deaths: 2,130
Total reported recovered: 16,917


5 thoughts on “Coronavirus – 118 new deaths, 474 new cases”

    • if you raise body temp like a fever does to kill the bugs, it figures a benefit from saunas
      I know i wrap myself up and force a fever if possible when Im crook.
      I was seriously ill once and my body was giving me fevers every night to try n cure itself I could soak a chenille dresing gown and the sheets etc in a couple of hours. ended up in hospital cos the body went into overdrive and damn near killed me instead .
      cytokine storm which is what kills in Ebola and seems to be in Cov19 too

      • I’ve been reading a lot about fevers lately.
        Seems that even in children and infants so long as it doesn’t get over 104 its actually a very positive thing.
        Children under 1 that have experienced at least one fever almost no allergies for example.
        Perhaps we need to rethink our efforts at controlling mild fevers the minute they crop us?

  1. going to start up elsewhere I see sth koreas gone from 90 or so to 153 or similar tonight
    Aussies tested repeatedly before leaving the buggy ship tested pos by the time they offloaded in Darwin
    meanwhile..Japan let people leave without another 14days isolation
    whoops…NOT a good idea was it.
    now prisoners in Chine 200 already
    hardly surprising is it, crowded and confined, (just like the ship but worse conditions.)

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