Coronavirus – 4,033 new cases, 144 new deaths

12 March 2020 – Total reported coronavirus cases: 129,771

5,711 reported in serious or critical condition. (This number has declined on 11 of the last 12 days.)

Total reported deaths: 4,751

Total reported recovered: 68,672

A total of 7,869 cases in South Korea
A total of 10,075 cases in Iran
Unknown total of cases in Italy. (Italy has not updated this number since March 11, when it stood at 12,462.)
A total of 1,364 cases in the U.S. and 38 deaths


See also this interactive map:

Note: I say reported because don’t believe the reports coming out of China’s communist government. Also, there have been no reports from North Korea.

24 thoughts on “Coronavirus – 4,033 new cases, 144 new deaths”

  1. Here in the USA we have politicians fighting for media time on critiquing the operation plans for this “crises”. I will admit I am a conspiracy theorist, but unless this virus mutates into something else in the next few weeks, it will be a only a bad flu. The sky is not falling folks. Wash your hands, stay home if not feeling well, dont go to crowded places and use a bleach mix on all surfaces.

    Now with that said…funny how there is silence on the origins of the virus. This virus did not start in a dirty fish market selling infected bats as food and make a jump to humans. I am betting that the Wuhan level 4 lab was either creating a vacine that got away OR they were doing a “no-no” bio weapon experiment that got away.
    Think on this…what known viruses can survive on a surface for 5 to 9 days with out a host?? OR the host being able to transmit the virus nearly immediately for 14 to 24 days without becoming sick.

  2. Robert, don’t you think your adding to the hysteria? Automobiles are more deathly ( approx. 350,000 world wide) (190,000 in China alone,) than this virus. What about the CDC “influenza deaths are up more than 65% so far in 2020”. You keep going down this path and your post’s (panic) can start a war. China says USA started this pandemic. Your words are contagious. Don’t start down this path. You lose creditably for climate change, which I believe is from the sun. This virus is not deadly to health people. It’s a problem for 60 years old and older with respiratory problems. I’m 61 and have problems, but don’t fear this. Maybe I should, but I can, if I wish, stay indoors until spring. My wife is an emergency manager and she says “this virus is being blowing way out of proportion by the left stream media”. Left stream media, is that who you work for? Did the 25% reduction in CO2 from China reduce world temperatures?

  3. So what? I couldn’t care less about this ludicrous American paranoia in the communist controlled media! They can go to hell and I’m gonna party Friday night like 1999 and order a Corona Beer to prove a point!

    In the 80’s all of us we’re supposed to die because of nuclear war. Never happened!

    In the 1980’s tens of millions were supposed to die here before 2000 because of Aids. Never happened!

    In the early 90’s, we all were supposed to parish because of the thinning ozone layer. Never happened!

    In 2001, millions were supposed to die here because of terrorism from ISIS. Never happened!

    In 2003, millions were supposed to die here because of SARS. Nothing happened!

    And of course the biggest scam of all time was that GW (climate change) trash, which was to kill all of us since 1975.
    Never happened!

    Then what happened to the Y2K scam???? Nothing happened!

    • Listen to Dan Bongino’s interview posted today (I guess really yesterday Fri) He interviewed a doctor who discusses the virus.

      I was initially on the closures as ludicrous, but now understand. Eliminating the number of community exposures is gonna flatten the bell curve and may have prevented us from having an exposure level like Italy.

      It’s a pure numbers game, the doctor mentions about 3% of infected persons need ICU care: 3% of 1,600 is manageable where as 3% of 65,000,000 isn’t.

      If this was managed like the H1N1 outbreak, then things may have been way worse. Imagine if travel from China wasn’t stopped around Feb 1 and the number of exposures was drastically increased during the peak flu season month.

  4. No true numbers are possible in any country and any region because far more people died before they got the chance to be tested of corona virus.

  5. The COVID-19 Coronavirus Is Now A Pandemic: What Does That Mean?

    bottom line:

    “Without a viable vaccine, the best control methods will still be aggressive hand hygiene and disinfection of potentially contaminated surfaces, social distancing measures, and keeping those hands and fingers away from your gigantic face. Nevertheless, calling this outbreak a pandemic does signal to everyone in the world one thing: we are all in this together, fighting a common enemy. (Dis-information like 9/11) That’s assuming that you aren’t part of the new coronavirus lobby. This is not a virus that preferentially infects a particular race. This is not some other country’s or some other people’s problem. This is now truly a global problem. It is time to stop this nonsense about labeling it a “Chinese” virus or blaming a particular country or race. It is time to stop trying to say that this is a hoax. (Bush said the same lies) The WHO doesn’t do hoaxes. (LOL) They do not have enough funding to do so. (Unbelievably insane) Instead, it is time for countries to work together and cooperate. (…Comply or die)

  6. Take a look at these numbers from Italy:
    15,113 Total confirmed cases as of 3/13/20.
    1,045 Recovered
    1,016 Deaths…
    This is a 6.7% death rate….not .1% not 1%…
    Many of the critically ill are less than 60.
    What a tragedy….

  7. italys round the 10k marki I think
    and 198 died in 24hrs reported in aus media
    so much for the theory that asian genetics were making it nastier for the Chinese etc

  8. Worldwide, Covid-19 has killed 4,751 with 38 US deaths as of today. But it will economically cripple millions, especially since the epidemic has formed a perfect storm with stock market crashes, an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, and the spilling over of an actual war in Syria into another potential migrant crisis.

    Small businesses in particular are struggling as supply chains dry up, leaving them without products or essential materials. Factory closures in China have led to a record low in the country’s Purchasing Manager’s Index which measures manufacturing output. China is the world’s largest exporter and is responsible for a third of global manufacturing, so China’s problem is everyone’s problem — even in the midst of a trade war between the White House and Beijing.

    • I have been saying, for 15 years:

      “You want to sell it here? You make it here.”

      American needs absolutely NOTHING from the rest of the world. Nothing. We need to acknowledge that and stop sucking up to loser nations.

      They need us. We don’t need any of them.

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