Coronavirus – 689 new cases, 115 new deaths

4 March 2020 – Total reported coronavirus cases: 93,524 – I say reported, because I don’t believe the reports coming out of China’s communist government. (See China Hundreds of thousands infected but not reported.)

6,772 reported in serious or critical condition (This number has declined for the past five days in a row).

Total reported deaths: 3,203

Total reported recovered: 51,014

435 new cases in South Korea
A total of 2,336 cases in Iran
A total of 2,502 cases in Italy
A total of 128 cases in the U.S. and 9 deaths


See also this interactive map:

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  1. numbers are rising slowly here in Aus now 45 as of this evening news
    and NZ has 2 cases and a possible 3rd
    meanwhile idiots are stripping sheves of loopaper and similar items

      • Yes,

        Don’t let obnoxious snots like plam (what kind of “name” is that?) insult you. If he does not like it here, he can take his snoty punkass somewhere else.

        (don’t ask me how I really feel)

        It is your blog. You are “free” to do as you wish.

        As for you “plam”, create your own blog.

  2. COVID-19 is just about to go viral in the US. (Think about that for a minute.)

    Even if you don’t think it’s a big deal, lots of people disagree with you and they are just starting to clean off shelves in the grocery stores and pharmacies.

    If you need anything to last you for awhile, get it NOW.

    PS- Don’t forget the soop!

    • 100 people a DAY die from “The American Flu”.

      How many have died, in America, from this Chinese Flu?
      20 in a month?

      Why no PANIC at 100 a day dead? No masks on. No Flights cancelled. No Cruise Ships re-called to port…….absolutely nothing every year for, what, the last Century?

      This is a Political Virus. Designed to crash the market, take down TRUMP, and give more power to the Elite.

      Cold War didn’t work
      Civil Rights didn’t work
      Vietnam didn’t’ work
      C02 didn’t work.

  3. I see that Chinese researchers have identified two stains of the virus – one heavy and the other lighter.

    Another US researcher claims to have identified the virus in Washington state on January 13. – Sorry no link

    I have a bad cough. I caught it from my wife who’s had it for a month – wont go away despite antibiotics and asthma puffer. Doctor says infected throat. I,m on anti antibiotics.
    We caught it from my sister who’s had the cough since early January. She had pneumonia until the end of Febuary. She caught it from her foster kids who in turn picked it up from a children’s day centre. There were a lot of Asian kids at the centre. (Doesn’t really mean anything though)
    My sister in law and her husband both have a cough and the brother in law has deliberating pneumonia. He’s 88 so we hold fears for him.
    We are in Australia and its just gone spring – our virus’s picked up in Summer. Sister in law and husband live in tropical Queensland.

    23 MPs of Iran have tested positive for coronavirus.

    Meetings between lawmakers and citizens were suspended due to health concerns.

    “As of today, 23 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed among the lawmakers”, – Palriament Vice-Speaker told reproters.

    Two senior officials have already died of coronavirus in the country. Among the infected are the Deputy Health Minister and the Vice President as well.
    Given the high infection rates just how many are infected in Iran?
    The Georgian government has transported the Georgian citizens stuck on the closed border between Iran and Azerbaijan and they are now being held in a quarantine facility, – Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandre Khvtisiashvili told journalists.

    “The government of Georgia transported the citizens with special vehicles in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s recommended protocol,” – the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

    The citizens underwent appropriate examination on the border of Georgia and were taken to a quarantine facility.

  5. duno what it is about Italy?
    their death tolls very high considering they have fairly good med services.
    and new tonight says Chinas rates risen again for confirmeds
    as has Australias
    also a chinese data mention that theres TWO strains circulating
    so either its mutated or there were 2 sources not one.
    heres the link
    Scientists in China studying the outbreak say they have found two main strains of the virus are circulating in humans and causing infections.

  6. Washington state is putting up modular buildings to house the quarantined. When was the last time we did that for the flu? Oh yeah, never!

    Well, maybe 1918. Before my time.

    Just about time to batten down the hatches. One more shopping run to scarf up the leftovers…

    • Back in 1918 there wasn’t an endless supply of printed money from the Fed.
      So, existing facilities were turned over as makeshift wards,
      Church halls, town halls, dance hall, schools etc etc etc – you get the idea.
      Lots of well meaning volunteers.

      Mind you the world was geared up for WWI so there was a lot of spare medical grab etc etc to go around.

    • CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 32 million flu illnesses, 310,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths from flu(in US).

  7. Robert-

    Maybe you could just post the figures outside of China, since those are suspect anyway. That might give us a more realistic view of the progression of the disease.

    Pretty soon the US numbers alone ought to be of interest. If our economy goes down, we’ll drag quite a few with us.

  8. I think, any serious Epidemiology Blog, or any site discussing the Corona LIte Virus, must also give the daily deaths, for America, from our “standard” Virus, that we have every year, all the time:

    It would look something like this:

    Deaths from Flu Virus. per day: 100
    Deaths from Corona Virus, per day: 1

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