Coronavirus a Grab for Even More Power

Leaders around the world have passed emergency decrees and legislation during the pandemic, seizing new powers that have little to do with the outbreak and few safeguards to ensure that their new authority will not be abused.

In Hungary, the prime minister can now rule by decree. In Britain, ministers have the power to detain people and close borders.

Chile has sent the military to public squares once occupied by protesters. Bolivia has postponed elections.

Israel’s internal security agency can now track citizens using secret cellphone data developed for counterterrorism, and can punish those who defy isolation orders with up to six months in prison.

Emergency powers are now in place in South Korea, Jordan, the Philippines, the United States, and the list goes on.

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3 thoughts on “Coronavirus a Grab for Even More Power”

  1. During the George Floyd “death” by police, which I regard as a hoax, while we were all preoccupied with the riots the Patriot Act was quietly renewed by the best Congress money can buy.

    Patriot Act gives govt unlimited, warrantless ability to spy on its own citizens, obtain just about any category of information.

    PS Floyd and the police officer who “killed” him knew each other, had worked together doing security duty at a nightclub, according to the proprietor. Look more closely at where the knee is positioned; the windpipe is in the front. Can a person who can’t breathe speak loudly enough for a phone mike to clearly pick up what he’s saying?

  2. all nations have “emergency powers” legislation
    as long as its NOT abused, its meant to enable assistance/rescue and control
    pity they then utterly refused to allow Trump the force needed to clean up chazchoc
    however the shootings over 2 days hasthe damnfool dem mayor now declaringtheyll retake the area
    bit too late
    her “summer of love” turned into summer of blood very quickly

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