Coronavirus could be catastrophic for Southeast Asia if this guy is correct

“Apparently almost all, if not all, of the deaths being reported are of Asians, whose breathing passages are violently attacked by the virus, causing death by asphyxiation.”
– Michael Jenkins

Coronavirus could be catastrophic for Southeast Asia if this guy is correct

Michael Jenkins

Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the U. of Illinois in Chicago (see his bio on Wikipedia), a leading expert on bioweapons, who was the author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorist Act, enacted by a unanimous vote of Congress in 1989 and later adopted by the UN, has been interviewed on non-MSM (banned) news outlets the last couple of days.

Boyle says it (coronavirus) is not only a bio-engineered virus but is uniquely dangerous to Asians, although non-Asians can contract it as a flu. It’s highly contagious, and will probably spread everywhere, but isn’t likely to be more dangerous to most other populations than regular influenza viruses (which do kill tens of thousands of people in the US every winter, mostly those with weakened immune systems, when it turns into pneumonia).

The KHOU.COM video cited above is probably correct, since the virus is certainly infecting people of all races, but Boyle says it appears that it is only lethal, in most cases, to Asians, though it is not yet clear what the fatality rate is. If it is low, like 2% or less, it can probably be contained. If it’s much higher than that, it’s likely to get out of control.

Boyle thinks this virus probably escaped from China’s BSL-4 lab, which happens to be located in Wuhan, where it was likely created, and they may have been working on a vaccine for it when it escaped, which is typical in such biolabs in the US, China and Russia — create the pathogen first, then create a vaccine, in case it is ever to be used in a war. He cites an analysis that was initially posted on the website of a major science institute in India shortly after the virus was identified, but the information was soon removed, possibly under pressure from China and the WHO.

Not sure if that is all correct, but Boyle seems to be a very credible expert, who is no longer being allowed to appear on any MSM networks, only on alternative sites that are banned by Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for “fake news.” While those are conservative websites, Boyle is anything but a right-winger, but he had to go to those sites to get his message out. He has long been a proponent of closing all such labs before something like this potential pandemic happens. Of course, it is also possible he is just a scare-monger, trying to pump of sales of his book on bio-weapons that came out a few years ago. But if he is for real, it is clear that the powers-that-be are going to great lengths to suppress factual information about the severity of the outbreak, which Taiwanese sources say may be astronomically greater than China is reporting.

Hard to know what is true, but apparently almost all, if not all, of the deaths being reported are of Asians, whose breathing passages are violently attacked by the virus, causing death by asphyxiation, which seems to bear out what Boyle has been saying, and could be catastrophic for Southeast Asia, though Boyle doesn’t think it will be much of a danger to Europeans, Africa, or the Americas, though Asian people living anywhere may be exposed to it. Scary, especially for Chinese or Korean individuals, and possibly some other Asian ethnic groups, if this really is a racially-targeted bio-weapon, a terrifying thought.

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  1. Iceagefarmer on YouTube says the virus may be an excuse to cover up cold weather crop losses.

    The business press has been full of stories about supply chain disruptions, largely in the auto industry. The media may start saying empty food store shelves are also supply chain disruptions caused by the disease.

    If the media reports supply disruptions in food Iceagefarmer will wonder if the food is piled up someplace or if it never grew at all due to cold weather.

    • Barnett in 2011 – these guys plan out to 2050 like watching the “news and future propaganda before it happens” and it looks like lots of think-tanking and more “so fake it must be real” NASA/FakeX CGI theatre is already in the can (like film cannisters).

      World Food News – before it happens: (2011) how dare you..
      how the vaticanadiamericans (i always wanted to be a professional namer too) were planning to handle climate change back in 2011 – get your damn vaxx, no gov consp here folks

    • Not sure I see the reasoning behind this, though I’ll take a look at Iceagefarmer’s video. The simplest explanation for the outbreak and spread of the virus is government incompetence. There is an old joke in the US that civil service is welfare for the middle class. In other words if you’re too stupid to get a real job, you go to work for the government. I think this is true in most countries.

    • the supply chain issues are real, simply bacause no ones allowed to travel to work and 6 major car plants and 3? IT suppliers are close to the Wuhan centre area. expect Iphones etc to be in short supply as theyve closed the factory(sensibly).
      the present cold in China doesnt appear any worse than prior winters and less damage than some recent years , so far.
      crop losses WILL now occur as dead/ill people cant harvest crops or transport them, and processing/storage centres need many people working closely together.
      also remember that even less populated nations would fall over hospitals wise if such a massive influx of patients.
      hospitals in Australia for eg were struggling to handle the nasty fluvirus we had this year just gone, bed shortages etc.
      and PS that strain is now IN USA, and killing like it did here
      the vaccines nearly useless , but its the pnumonia it brigs with it that kills, consider the fluvax and I am NOT someone who uses vaccines without serious research and thought prior.
      it took me over 6 weeks 2 courses of antibiotcs to recover from the pnumonia and months to get back to better health.

  2. If true, this could be why the US was in no great hurry to shut off travel from China. Typically most people in the US have a somewhat mixed genetic makeup. I wonder if this might make Americans harder to target with a specific bio-weapon. The question in my mind however, is why would the Chinese develop a bio-weapon that affects Asians?

    • Harold, we’ve almost go the same name, coincidence?

      never do searches with just one word

      eugenics… coca cola
      eugenics… rubberband

      hmmm… lets try
      eugenics… bio-weapon or try with three words
      eugenics asian bioweapon funny how that works everytime, eh?

      Harry Heraclitus the 1st [Mr]

    • My question is “why does everyone think that this is a virus that escaped the Wuhan lab, and as you say, targets Asians, when it could just as well have been brought into Wuhan by a “tourist” and released in the shadows of the lab.” I think your question is extremely valid. After all, there would be countries with the capabilities that do not want to see the continuation of the success that China has had these past few decades, and would like to protect their own future plans.

      • Plausible question! Especially if it’s true that the virus is only fatal to Asians. Which is China’s major global opponent?
        It is no secret that the USA government supports the protests in Hong Kong, which may lead to either a regime change or a civil war as in Syria. Ditto Iran, Iraq.

    • Clicking around on this subject I stumbled upon a theory which proposes that China has vaccinated its population against another (natural) corona virus, and that the “signature” of the antibodies now make their immune system more vulnerable to this man-made variant (with genetic code from bats for incubation time, snakes (reptile?) for contagion and humans for fatality (HIV)). I tried finding the link before posting this reply but failed. I’m not a medic/biologist and I can’t vouch for the validity of this theory, but find it intriguing.

    • If it was taken from Canada, as previously reported, maybe the Chinese were trying to develop a vaccine before it was used on them.

    • If they were looking for a weapon they would have been testing it on the most available subjects, Asians. I guess it’s possible that would have led them to a variant that was more dangerous to themselves. Just a guess.

    • Yes, same question occurs to me, unless they were developing it and a vaccine for it, for the eventual goal of eliminating “undesirable elements” of their population, like the (Muslim) Uighurs, or as a weapon to use against Taiwan some day, after vaccinating the mainland population. But it seems unlikely they would intentionally release it before creating an effective vaccine, so if it is man made, it almost certainly escaped the Wuhan lab due to sloppy procedures. Fort Dietrich in the U.S. has had its share of such accidental releases.

      I wonder how the million or more Muslims and Christians being held in the “re-education” camps in NW China are faring in this crisis? I have seen no news of any outbreak in those camps or that region, though it’s hard to come by any in-depth news on China in English language sources. Interviews of public health officials on network news in recent days have been relatively content-free, in terms of specifics, just a lot of generalities. So far, minimal effects outside of China, it seems, with very few cases reported.

    • Taiwan? Hong Kong? Other Asian countries?
      Think about it. Give your properly indoctrinated communist Asians the vaccine. All those communist Chinese do what the government says and go get their ‘vitamin’ shot. Release the virus where all those other non indoctrinated Asians live. China can gain territory and natural resources.

    • “Why would the Chinese develop a bio-weapon that affects Asians?”
      Japan. South Korea, Vietnam, Uighurs out west, Taiwan.
      If only your troops are immunized then you hold all the cards against the other regional powers.

    • Maybe it was not the chinese that created it but they “managed” to get hold of some and were working on a cure/vaccine. Pure speculation on my part obvoiusly but each country has loads of spies and they must be doing something!!

    • unintended consequences most likely
      my theory would be NOT intentionally released but an escape via the plumbing die to leakages into freshwater lines or groundwater used in the areas downward of the labs.
      the market isnt that far away, what way the waterlines go?
      needs someone there with knowledge to speak out.

    • “The question in my mind however, is why would the Chinese develop a bio-weapon that affects Asians?”

      Taiwan, Japan, North and South Korea, Vietnam. All potential military and economic adversaries.

    • Simple.

      The Chinese leadership knows their population is too large.

      It has been this way for 2 thousand years? Too many people in that area and maybe the Leadership has finally said “enough”.

      Develop a disease that attacks a particular race (we are genetically different) and then release it….Drop your population by a few hundred million and you will decease the problems and keep control.

      Most here accept the fact there is going to be a serious food shortage, so why not jump ahead and decrease your “Asian” population by 500 million? Makes perfect sense to me. Blame it on “a virus” or “act of God”, and the Chinese 1% keep power. Perfect idea.

  3. All powers must have been working on racial bioweapons for
    many years now.
    Seems unlikely that the Chinese would be working on a virus to kill themselves.

    • Makes sense if they WANT to decrease their population to keep control.

      Most Governments are hostile to the governed.

      Did Nazi Germany care about their people? Did Mao? Did Stalin?

  4. ¨The question in my mind however, is why would the Chinese develop a bio-weapon that affects Asians?¨-Harold.

    Simple, vaccinate the asian people you want to keep then infect the rest. Works in all of my conspiracy scenarios.

    This one Chinese bat population had a “rich gene pool of SARS-related coronaviruses” and yes people in central China catch live bats, sell them from live markets and eat them. Some of the local people tested in this post SARS research had bat-coronavirus anti-bodies but obviously not everyone in China does today.
    The “escaped bio-weapon” story is not credible. China’s main advantage, militarily, is its huge population, it certainly ain’t its carriers.

    • Yeah. I remember something about Mao discussing the millions of deaths of the Chinese people due to a war with the West.

      He said something like: The millions of Chinese women can replace the dead in a few years.

  6. Simple question – why would the Chinese manufacture a virus which targets them ?

    If it is manufactured why not target your opponents ?

    Seems like more fake news to me – not the manufactured bit but the targeting Asians bit.

  7. Here is something that came out of the India Institute of Technology (IIT). It was a paper that was published, then it was “Suddenly Withdrawn.” This is technical and interesting concerning it’s origin and protein structure.

    Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

    Suddenly the original paper out of India has been withdrawn!

    “Our analysis of the spike glycoprotein of 2019-nCoV revealed several interesting findings: First, we identified 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike glycoprotein that are not present in any other coronavirus reported till date. To our surprise, all the 4 inserts in the 2019-nCoV mapped to short segments of amino acids in the HIV-1 gp120 and Gag among all annotated virus proteins in the NCBI database. This uncanny similarity of novel inserts in the 2019- nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag is unlikely to be fortuitous. Further, 3D modelling suggests that at least 3 of the unique inserts which are non-contiguous in the primary protein sequence of the 2019-nCoV spike glycoprotein converge to constitute the key components of the receptor binding site. Of note, all the 4 inserts have pI values of around 10 that may facilitate virus-host interactions. Taken together, our findings suggest unconventional evolution of 2019-nCoV that warrants further investigation. Our work highlights novel evolutionary aspects of the 2019-nCoV and has implications on the pathogenesis and diagnosis of this virus.”

    • AND, if you will watch the Video “Vitamin C: Cure for all known toxins” by Dr. Levy (Tulane Med School) you will put the story together. Congrats on stopping the smoking.

  8. I do not recall the US military’s involvement setting up quarantine sites during the SARS and MERS epidemics. The Miami Herald story today shows a long list of military bases, many of them small or primarily used by Reserve forces. Videos of the cabin area of evacuation planes returning to the US yesterday were alarming to me due to the crew members wearing extensive haz mat suits with complete full face respirators. The Twitter videos of the giant truck mounted foggers are even more alarming. A neighbor who is in charge of infection control at a hospital, when shown the clip of the truck foggers, said it makes no sense to him. Harry Chen, PhD, tweets eye opening video clips. Check it out before the account disappears.

  9. It is too early to say it only kills Asians. Asians make up probably 99% of those infected (and the vast majority of them Chinese). If it has a leathality of 4%, you need a sufficient number of other racial groups affected to tell how leathal it is to those groups.

    Also, if it is a manufactured virus–leathality is usually worst initially and then diminishes over time (although leathality can return later on). Although the 1917 flu started off mild and then became increasingly dangerous.

    I would take this very seriously.

    • You are correct.

      The Second wave of the 1918 Pandemic was the worst. Worse that the 1st wave and the 3rd…BUT, there is some discussion that part of the 2nd wave was not the Influenza virus but a hemorrhagic virus since the sign & symptoms were “way off the chart”….In the 2nd wave they had the classic bleeding, rapid death (less than a day).

      Considering the “1918” Flu was Pandemic, it may have given the opportunity to another virus, since viruses are “opportunistic”..It is well known that the Ebola, Marburg, AIDS, etc. viruses have been around for a while

  10. China will not be able to feed all their people during the Grand Solar Minimum. There have been dynasty changes for China every GSM in the past when you look at their history. Maybe this is to divert information on the GSM and to cull the population. Georgia guidestones says to maintain the worlds population at 500 million, that is, 7 billion to go!

  11. The “Spanish Flu” of 1919 an H1N1 variety killed more younger people in theirb20s and 30s than other flu pandemics, some think that was because it developed on the Western Front. Swine Flu was also H1N1.

    So it doesn’t sound unreasonable that a disease that evolved in China would affect people from that area. Natural selection will mean subsequent generations will be more resistant.

  12. Maybe I am being obtuse, but while there are minor genetic variations between Caucasians and Oriental Asians, do they apply to how the lungs, trachea or any other part of our breathing? This sounds far-fetched to me.

    • Really?

      My son and I were watching a “Lethal Weapon” movie with Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. My son, being still young and honest and aware, remarked on the DIFFERENCES in the appearance of Danny and Mel.

      So, we got into a Non-PC discussion of how much they differed on the “outside” and extrapolated into “internal” differences. Every outward feature, as expressed by my honest son, pointed out so many differences. He asked me why there would not be “hundreds” of internal differences.

      We in the Medical Sickness Business know that different Races (sorry to use that word) react differently (sorry to say that) to most medications. We are not supposed to talk about it…..

      It is a well known fact that Scandinavians have a partial “immunity” to the AIDS virus. The reasoning is that way back an “AIDS” type virus swept through Europe and those that survived have a partial Immunity to the current AIDS Virus. I know that sounds racist, but it isn’t my fault.

      Blame Darwin or God.

  13. Not to put too fine a point on Boyle’s pencil, but a far Left political science cum attorney is an expert on (drum roll) the biology of the human body, virology, bio-engineering and has created a crystal orb that proves viruses have racial preferences?
    And guess what, “Boyle has requested that the International Criminal Court Prosecutor obtain International Arrest Warrants for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleezza Rice, and Alberto Gonzales”.

    Dream on, gullible folks.

  14. I have said before that I believe there is too much speculation about this virus and not enough honest research and indisputable facts. Difficult to get said facts when panic consumes you (means fear of death here.)
    Meantime, may I draw your attention to a strange anomaly. This study was presented by Ben Dolphin (@countrysideben on Twitter). The Lomond Hills are a part of Bonny Scotland not far from Glasgow:

    “3 weeks left of winter and we’ve had just TWO air frosts here in the Lomond Hills. Past winters:

    18/19: 20
    17/18: 38
    16/17: 15
    15/16: 20
    14/15: 44
    13/14: 12
    12/13: 44
    11/12: 31
    10/11: 46”

    The UK is freakishly mild and part of me is, true to the song, really dreaming of a white Xmas LOL.

    • One of the Primary “facts” of the Global Cooling is that weather-climate is going to be bizarre. There is a transition going on

      Place that get rain, won’t
      Place that are Arid will have massive floods
      Cold places will be hot
      Hot places will be cold.

      What you have written proves this.

  15. China holds “good news” press conference, accidentally admits the coronavirus mortality rate is closer to 17 per cent
    This goes along with the dream account above.
    Medical Experts in Shanghai Confirm: VIRUS TRANSMITTED BY AIR – “Hundreds of Meters”
    White House Corona Virus task force says don’t use your masks now, because you won’t have any left later when you need them.

  16. The real problem for the western world might be our response to infected peoples trying to enter our nations. Significant numbers of people do not have the common sense to support quarantining immigrants and refugees or blocking their entry for fear of being seen as being racist. Their craving for being seen as being stylish and PC plus their pathological altruism and influence over government puts us all at risk of sickness and death. The number one priority has to be to break the chain of transmission and this is extremely critical if a effective vaccine is not possible due to a high mutation rate in the virus.
    The survival of the nation and race must out weigh the vanity and foolishness of PC groups or influential individuals.
    “Better dead than possibly perceived as racist. “

  17. Here is a tip for dealing with pneumonia. Make sure the patient sleeps on one side allowing one lung to drain rather than having both lungs remain filled with fluid. It worked for me a few years ago. In first aid it is called the recovery position. It can’t hurt and it might help save lives.

    • Looking for the like button and failing to find it LOL.
      Drunk people should be put in this position to stop the inhalation of vomit. I sincerely hope and pray that this Wu nightmare ends because it is way too much and surely God needs to have mercy here.
      Not very good at prayers but crying out here.

  18. Who’s the target?

    Beyond hysteria, fear, and remorse my first concern is what’s credible about what’s happening in Wuhan, China and what is the root truth. Sadly, humans are extremely naive and gullible creatures, which make them easily deceived and manipulated. First reports (delayed and well scripted by China) focus on compassion for victims and expressed needs for containment; understandable to be sure. Still, I’m asking WHY?

    Jenkins quote: “…if this really is a racially-targeted bio-weapon, a terrifying thought.”

    If the Chinese were working on a virus oriented biological weapon, why would they target Asian ethnicity? Well, more than likely they weren’t! The real questions I have are:

    • Were the Chinese trying to develop something in the bio-lab that could indemnify Asians, while it could be used to destroy non-Asians …and oops, the crazy creation went rogue on them?

    • Have some bad guys now suffered from their own devious designs before a control was perfected?

    I honestly suspect my questions are what has really happened. I am not callously asking my questions, as I have compassion and offer prayers for anyone who is facing death or dead. I don’t however let my intelligence wane due to hysteria, fear, and remorse. No matter the TRUTH, it is now vitally important for everyone to cooperate and put an end to this situation for the sake of mankind; what if it mutates. Time will tell us the truth, it always has throughout history. Give prayers for the lost souls who didn’t deserve to die from such a terrible tragedy.

  19. I’ve read before that 20,000 Americans DIE each year from the flu. That would be the equivalent of 80,000 Chinese given the roughly 4 to 1 population ratio.

    I think hysteria is gripping the world with coronavirus.

    The real threat is vaccines themselves.

    Most vaccines contain LIVE and CONTAGIOUS virus…vaccines are the biggest form of biowarfare on the planet.

  20. Hmm! Why all the hysteria? I’ve read that Coronavirus has been around for a long time and that multiple strains have been identified, including this latest iteration. Additionally, it would seem that the death rate is somewhat less than that of the flu. Those at greatest risk are individuals with weak or compromised immune systems, young children, elderly, malnourished, etc. While we shouldn’t minimize the seriousness of any of these viruses or their effects upon people, how is Coronavirus any different any other flu? I get a flu shot every year, but somehow it never seems to stop me from getting some kind of virus each winter that always seems to hang on longer than it should.

  21. This subject has triggered even more responses than Centurion’s soup thread, lol!

    Wish I had a nickel for every “if” and “maybe”.

    This whole thing strikes me as a tightly controlled experiment.

    We still do not have the slightest idea what is happening in China.

    Information elsewhere is being subtly manipulated and judiciously repressed here and there.

    For myself, I think I’ll pass on the hysteria since I have lived almost my entire life well below the poverty line and poor people are not catching this virus. Nor are the rich and famous. No yachts or fishing boats or container ships–just cruise ships.

    You middle class folks can panic if you want to, but you might want to wait til the numbers go up a bit, or risk looking silly.

  22. I don’t think the Chinese would mess with a virus designed to target their own population. But even if they were so inclined to make a viral bio weapon that targeted the Asian genotype for reasons of population control for example the legal risks and the hazard to their own leadership would be unacceptable.
    If this strain of the corona virus is a bio weapon it was likely created by those who see it as being in their interests to weaken the Chinese nation and those nations surrounding it. Some group that is into social,economic and biological engineering and loves to commit acts of war and genocide and feels a divine right to do so………

  23. Corona-viruses are not new. Novel variants appear quite frequently and 2019-nCoV is simply another variant. If anything, we are quite fortunate that China took an early stance on disclosure and quarantine. I doubt any other country could have or would have mobilised so quickly. There is utterly no evidence that this is a bio-weapon (pretty inefficient if it was). There are some suggestions made by The Lancet, that the numbers of infected may be much higher given the variability in severity of symptoms and many may have simply gone undiagnosed. For a very large collection of papers on Coronavirus and its epidemiology dating from 1968 to 2020, research here:

  24. This is my thought only and did not see anything anywhere to back up my suspicion. My thought is this: China has the history of Grand Solar Minimums going back thousands of years and those in power understand what happens every time a GSM happens. The people starve, famine is rampart and the government at the time is held liable and is taken out by the hungry mobs. What if those in power already know what is coming and by giving this virus to Asians, it greatly lowers the numbers within the country and thereby more food is available to those that are living (mainly the elite and rich of the country)

  25. Fake Bird Flu Virus 2009 H1N1
    Fake Beer Flu Virus 2020 H2N2

    FBFV 2020 H2N2
    Hocus Focus on the Kabuki Theatre (HFKT)


    HFKT FBFV 2020 H2N2
    rinse and repeat “It’s a cycle” like the GSMs… so when was the last previous GSM anyway?… hmmm… oh ya..
    HFKT FBFV 2009 H1N1

  26. One thing I do know, it’s hitting during the winter doesn’t help. A lot of people are sick here probably from the usual.

  27. The last Centurion, written 2008, by John Ringo is about a mini-ice age beginning in 2019 and a deadly virus coming out of China at the same time. It is weird how similar the book is to what is happening now.

  28. China’s Coronavirus death tally increased on Wednesday, as the chief of the World Health Organisation urged countries to work together against the “grave threat” posed by the outbreak.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has said a vaccine for the coronavirus could be ready in 18 months, as the UN health body announced that the official name for the virus would be COVID-19.While speaking at conference which was held in Geneva on combating the virus, WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said viruses could have “more powerful consequences than any terrorist action”. The virus has killed over 1,100 people in China and spread to dozens of countries around the globe. Although 99 percent of the infections are in China, where it remains “very much an emergency”, it also “holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world”, Tedros said at the conference.

  29. On February 9, 2020, at 7:38 am, I submitted a comment to Ice Age Now.

    This was four days before the revelations now provided, a linked leading article found on the Drudge Report on February 13, 2020.
    I was completely correct with my suspicions and assessment …China is working on military troop immunity to Corona virus, for their indemnification. Sadly, a misanthropic sick-scientist (Chinese woman scientist), is the lead person responsible for ALL of this! She is exposed in the article. She couldn’t complete her work in the United States, because it was formally outlawed, so she carried on her crazy research in China!

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